Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I'm warning you...

get the fuck out of my medicine cabinet!

Druggists refuse to give out pill

The idea that pharmacists can actually pick and choose about dispensing prescriptions is scary indeed. Who made them god?

It is infuriating to have people like that in power over women's reproductive choices. Thing is, people like me were on bcp's for endometriosis, pain, and ovarian cysts, not birth control! Problem is, women's reproductive health isn't catered to by insurance, bcp's not being covered. So it isn't just the pharmacists deciding for us; it is the insurance companies, too. Further, bcp's aren't covered, but viagra is. Go figure.

For the religious right, it is a Madonna-whore situation, even if (hehe) fundamentalists aren't generally the Madonna worshippers. (Okay, I'll leave the Catholics out of this one.) They seem to think that their will imposed upon us will change us from being whores back into being Madonnas.

Hmmmm, pharmacists must be using an awful lot of those mind altering drugs they are dispensing.

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