Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Seriously casual, I think

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - They really said it -- notable quotes from the news:

"Because of my age, I can't party with the big guys anyway. I haven't seriously smoked pot in years."

--TOMMY CHONG, 66, who is taking a role in the off-Broadway show "The Marijuana-Logues" after serving nine months in prison for selling a bong, in the New York Post.

Gentle readers, I can't let this quote rest on its own laurels. I think Tommy is smarter than he's letting on, or maybe not, if I can actually figure it out. He makes a good side-kick, knowledgeable and helpful, let's ask him ourselves...

Tommy does not say, "I seriously haven't smoked pot..." or "Seriously, I haven't smoked pot..." Instead, he says, "I haven't seriously smoked pot..."

In other words, he has casually smoked pot. He hasn't been the All Star, consummate 4:20 professional about it lately, but then he is a (reformed) slacker, right?

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