Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Because buds inspire such hope...

apple tree espalier

butterfly bush

red bud?

bleeding hearts

This was today from the same park as the other day. New buds everywhere, we were there shortly after a rain. It was so crisp and beautiful. More pictures to follow.

Janie Betta is still living. We did the second dose of ethromycin today. Her cotton moustache is thinning. Good news.

Rinsing Mem.phis' ears was easier today, too. He actually hung out after the 'procedure,' lingered all friendly, and worked into a purr easily. He was on the bed several times during the night - voluntarily - yet he is getting time acclimated, better about not playing all night. He's becoming more friendly overall, remaining close after he's decided he's finished being petted. I think we're all getting used to one another.
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Shinny said...

I was told by our vet when we moved that the cats would have a harder time then the dog because cats bond to a place and dogs bond to people. So it will take him a while to get used to his new home, just don't go moving anytime soon. ;) It sounds like he is doing much better then my cats did when we moved to our new house. Memph*s is dealing with a new house, new stuff and new people. My idiots only had to deal with a new place, but the same stuff and crazy people. They hid behind the dryer for a couple weeks until they finally figured out we were staying. ;) Good luck.

Klynn said...

I can definitely see your "artist's eye" in the photographs you're posting. Very beautiful. Reminds me I need to go out and take a picture of my pansies before the hot weather scorches/kills them.

Glad Janie Betta is doing better, and Mem.phis is making himself at home. We used to have a beautiful blue male betta...TJ named him Sushi. :-)

Cricket said...

S, thanks for the reassurance. I think it is going well, but I know I need a cat who comes when called. I am researching one that the owners need to get rid of b/c of the baby's allergies. She's supposed to be very personable and I/we hope to meet her soon. I am asking about the shot record now.

K, thanks for seeing the artistic expression I an driven to reveal. I'm going to blog about it later, but Janie is worse (I think she has both internal and external infections), although she's definitely there mentally, can eat, breathe. She hates the camera and hobbles away each time I pull it out. She's a gimp, so I did get some good shots, but she was able to foil even more. Sneaky, smart fish, determined to live just like her Sad!e cat sister. I want to keep her around, too. And I want her to dance again when I walk near the bowl.