Monday, April 16, 2007


If you have a need to talk to a school-aged child about the events at Virginia Tech, here are suggestions from school psychologists.

The curiosity has begun here already. In fact, as they got out of school early because of the winds, one kid on the bus said it was because of the stuff that happened at Tech. How did this kid already know at lunchtime? Does he have news texted to him?

J asked me this evening if we ever went on lock down at my school. I said we didn't, but we did have tornado drills all the time in the Midwest. Further, although I didn't mention it, we had bomb scares constantly and had to stand in the parking lot in lines between the cars for hours, no jackets, no lunch. Miserable.

So I asked him exactly what lock down at his school meant and if they did that today. He said they had a drill last week and it is for protection if the bank nearby gets held up. I guess I'm relieved he didn't refer Columbine-y things about containing gunmen and protecting victims, what I figure is his school's real rationale.

I believe I need to study the school psychologist site some more for myself.

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