Thursday, April 17, 2008

More didn't come later

No "more later" yesterday because I have my first cold in quite a while. Heavy chest, cough, sore throat, low fever, big nasty stye. Pretty. I know I'm overdue for it, so I'm taking it in stride. Except I will whine a little.

i've been doing chat lately and it sure is hard switching to adult type

I joined another singles site. (Eeek, I'm not a member of three.) It's cool with cams set up in chat. I don't have a cam so it is pleasantly voyueristic. If I had one, I just know I would pick my nose on camera or something. Audio? Yeah, farts, of course. Reservations aside, I like this site and have many new friends already. And I think it has reinforced my local kinda-friends, too, as they can see a more real me. I've posted pictures, paintings, and blog entries in the form of haikus.

You folks, although you're virtual, you know me pretty damn well. People I see at singles events have no clue about me; I am more than a frumpy, middle-aged mom. My best is not known over something like beer and pool, although the activities can be fun. This website allows pictures and blog-like writing, so it is multi-dimensional. It's kind of a closed MySpace for dating within the realm I date. (Don't ask specifics; you don't want to spoil the mystery!)

Also, there's a tatted dyke on the site who is the most interested. I may finally get my opportunity when she visits here in two months. heh


Gianna said...

hope you feel better soon...and hope you get some fun dates too!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Sounds like an interesting website for sure.