Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bear with me

AKA Who cares?

I usta be an editing fool. Guess I still am to a degree, but I especially try to make sure I am "completely" finished with a post before making it public. Although sometimes my posts are novellas (and I'm not apologizing, I just happen to be an observant, detail-oriented, anal, paranoid, bitchy, nit-picking, sarcastic, snarky person who loves the release, the adrenaline rush of getting this shit out of my brain), I honestly do prefer posts right with the the world as well as right with spelling and grammar.

But more than anything, I prefer things out of my head and on to this proverbial paper. This is the most writing I've ever done, particularly b/c I'm not being forced to do it for a grade. I'm proud of that. I also remember some advice on writing that I'd read years ago and I'm trying to follow it - just get it down, worry about structure, edits, spelling etc later. Just get it spewed first. Make it pretty as you finish. That's what spell check is for. (He'd obviously never used Blogger, huh?)

Lately, I haven't had the time or energy to make things as perfect as I can, as my sometimes anal self wants so hard to do. It hasn't been that I haven't noticed the errors as I do a re-read after uploading; I just haven't been motivated enough to tackle Blogger or to tackle my own lack of energy to make stuff right.

Couple things:
1) A dose of lazy sneaked in, perhaps. (Hushed whisper.... she's letting herself go .... tsk, tsk)

2) I have a desire to not have anyone reading me via feeds (like Bloglines) to have to read (skip over?) my re-re-re-re-edit 95 times. That quite honestly is a personal preference based on what I do not desire others to have to suffer through, that which I have suffered through. Consider that one typo courtesy. We know you are capable of better, we snicker at your momentary lapse, but we UNDERSTAND!

I cannot believe how much some people tweak their posts. They could have done 15 add'l quality posts for the time wasted.

For the record, consider this one of 15 from me. (You judge the quality part, not for me to say, quite frankly.)

Hence, that "they're" which exists in my most recent post instead of "their" (gosh I abhor that fuck up) and that silly "I son" that sneaked in instead of "my son," just ignore those blemishes and others. Chalk it up to good time management.


Ron Southern said...

I guess I'm one of those who endlessly re-edits or tweaks the post. People on Bloglines may find me insufferable. However, the system tells me I only have 3 Bloglines subscribers, and one of them is me. I love bloglines, but my readers don't use it, I guess. Maybe they have some other "reader" that notifies them.

You know, one can set Bloglines to "ignore" it when people re-edit and I think it works pretty well. I've also gotten good at recognizing at a glance when the post is the same damn thing and I just hit the Back button. It would require about 95 re-edits to phase me.

Cricket said...

You edit a lot, but I wasn't even talking about you. Others, who have large audiences and large feed readers, can edit the same thing 10-15 times - I do loose count. Gets old to me, not that any of them would take the time to cruise thru my neck of the woods anyway!

Julanna said...

Hi Cricket.

I am confused. I have a killer fucking headache so it could be my brain is dead but I never preview and find myself spell checking after publishng holy letter after "h" just went out... somethng fucked up on my laptop....sorry

hard to type wthout the letter after "h" fuck

Me has bloglnes and me doesn't notce so many numbers after my blog there nor others for that post a ton so you always have numbers up there but t s not from refreshng

do you see that me (sorry) spell checks a lot after publshng on your bloglne feed?? Just curous... ohhhhhhhhh me can't fnsh ths wthout an (letter after h) what the fuck sorry......

julianna said...

I'm back......note the "I"!!!

seems a bagel seed got under the "i".

Anyway, I don't even have spell check with my new blog and I am often re-editing when I publish but I don't see that it shows up on bloglines? I don't know if you have me on bloglines to tell me if it is any different for you, but I re-edit several times when I publish because my emotional vomit isn't cleaned up at all when I first publish.

I have heard others mention about sorry for "re-publishing" but I don't see that at all on my feeds. I hope I am not one of those annoying you :).

Just curious as to why those don't show up for me and yet they do for so many others.

I hope you are well.

Cricket said...

It is bigger blogs, like Go Fvg or V3iled C0nceit that come to mind right now, particularly the first, which is especially strange considering her posts are usually about 1-2 paragraphs, max.

Sometimes (the days I care :), I could publish, edit, then re-edit. The publish would show up on Bloglines and then only one of the edits - it isn't consistant what will show up. (For Fvg, I could get 6 in a row in time after the initial post.)

(Aside: Bloglines seems to have some trouble picking up some blogs - and I will even change which feed I follow (atom or html or whatever else the options are when adding a blog) - and I don't get all the posts of said blog. This is esp with grrl - I can miss 2-3 posts in a row b/c the feed doesn't pick up.)

Concerning my editing and my wiring and my taxed brain, I am choosing something to be laid back about when it comes to my own writing - I am too stressed otherwise and I merely want to write, unleashing the fury in whatever form it takes, keeping it fresh, so to speak.

I've heard that inability to speel (ha!) is a sign of intelligence. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

(J, I can't imagine no spell check at your host. Granted I usually compose in a new email rather than in Blogger - an email which I periodically send back to myself for safety - and I love the spell check of Outlook Express.)