Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baby, baby

Does there have to be this much irony in the world?

How on earth could Katie Holmes, SO of apeshit, furniture-jumping, anti-anti-depressant freak Tom Cruise, birth her baby the same exact day as PPD-the-last-go-around Brooke Shields?

Life isn't fair. Maybe it'd be a bit more fair if Katie got her share of PPD, not that I'd wish that on anyone.

On second thought, I'm sure Brooke is a lot more floored today by her luck-of-the-draw baby, not thinking too hard about Alien Cruise or Xenu.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


We're playing tourist for Spring Break; we're stopping to smell the roses and feel the breezes, too. I have always been fascinated with kites and my son has picked that up. For after our tour yesterday, I'd brought my pastels to paint outdoors and I packed things like a ball, frisbee, and kite for J to play. However, I never pulled out my art supplies, content to sense and capture the environs the traditional ways instead of through painting.

I do continue to eye that beautiful tree, though....