Friday, January 27, 2006

Swinging Friday Night

I went to see The Matador and was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked Pierce Brosnan in it, a rather unexpected feat. His emotions in the flick spanned the height of jerkiness to the depth of despair, him doing all convincingly. Greg Kinnear was a bit more predictable with a less juicy part and Hope Davis, who I usually like anyway, had a role that was mostly fluff. Overall, tho, it wasn't a waste of money or time. The previews were accurate and there was more worthy of viewing in the movie itself. Wow, what a favorable review!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Life cycle matters

You probably know how cats will bring home trophies to share with their owners? A dead mole here, bird remains there.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a twist on that theme.

It was J who brought home a dead cat, a 8-10 lb gray tabby in full rigor mortis.

Because he knew I'd know what to do with it.

I appreciate him having faith in me, but I told him that I can't bring it back to life OR find it's owners if it doesn't have a collar. And I wasn't going to dig a hole, either.

He said he got it half a block away, next to a car in the parking lot. I told him the best thing would be to put it back where he found it, maybe the owner would look for it. Although it was stiff as a board, it looked recent - it's eyes were clear and it seemed to have been hit by a car, with internal injuries, rather than it being mangled by a dog.

We have a few strays around here; I've seen some going in and out of the sewer. I put my mis-purchases of cat food, our kitty's rejects, in Lean Cuisine dishes on the sewer top for them.

(I am turning into that old cat lady neighbor.)

However, I don't think this cat was one of the strays. Come to think of it, we have a reclusive neighbor with a couple of indoor cats. I've never talked to her, but maybe she's missing one. This cat looked very healthy and well fed. Pretty coat and eyes.

J had been wearing his snow gloves when he toted the cat home. To carry the cat back, I gave him some gardening gloves, which he put on with great ceremony, went outside to the stoop, and wrapped his little hands dwarfed by the adult gloves around the poor cat's ribcage, holding it away at arm's length. He met his friends out at the sidewalk, them surprised that he was coming their way with the feline stiff again.

When he returned home a few minutes later, he said they put the cat in an old tire by the creek. Little biologists, they wanted to be able to check back and see bones. I'll be honest; I'm relieved they're relying on nature to do the revealing for them.

I know moms who are frightened of their kids experiencing death. That sheltering frustrates me; I am lucky in the model of son I got and his ease. He has never been fearful that way, but I don't think he's a sociopath either, thank goodness. When he was less than two and still in a stroller, we watched for 45 minutes as a water snake painstakingly devoured a green and yellow frog, who we could hear long after he was gone from sight. I'm glad J's good on life cycle things and he can enjoy documentaries like Winged Migration, Parrots of Telegraph Hill, and March of the Penguins with me. As sentimental as he is about his menagerie of stuffed animals, he takes death naturally as being a part of life.

If only that didn't include leaving me presents at the doorstep.

Friday, January 20, 2006

How long was that line?

In more baby news, Meg Ry4n is adopting from China today.

To see how the rest of the wicked world sees it, go to this celebrity blog entry.

Superior twins, no less

I really hate Ang. I always liked, but not loved, Brad. Jen's okay.

Ang is all superior and holier-than-thou when she's not being weird making blood amulets and being married to a troll, a very funny troll, tho.

Now, of course, she's pregnant. I'd wondered why she didn't announce about it until she was looking to be 4-5 months. I wondered if it had to do with the adoption by Brad of her other kids, getting the legalities finalized.

Now I realize it is something beyond that.

She's having twins.

She underwent fertility treatments of a sort I could not find.

Tell me, b/c I want to know. How the fuck does a woman find a man who will not only leave his wife, but will only months later undergo ART?

Brad must have been awful baby hungry. And all the statements about Jen's questionable fertility are moot if Brad is willing to take a risk to be with Ang to undergo ART.

Where do I find a man like that?

Friday, January 13, 2006

If you don't already read this guy...

you should. Fresh of Fresh Pepper is an attorney, back living at home in his parent's basement. He likes to cook and has trouble getting relationships to work.

Take Fresh's Jan 13 post (sorry, no direct link available) about the very creative lubes guys use to spank the monkey, from shampoo to cooking spray. Makes me view products in the bathroom and kitchen and tool shed entirely differently. He asks for additional input, so read the comments, too.

My all time favorite post is from Dec 12. You have to go there to see the picture of the pooch, but here's the text:

I made blondies and brought them to my grandmother's house yesterday. I was so hung over from the wine tasting party the night before that I didn't even try my own dessert.

My cousin said, "You think you had a rough night? The dog woke me up at 5 this morning and I was so drunk I couldn't find her leash. So I tied her to the cord at the end of the iron and walked her around the block holding the iron."

AND the dog was wearing the pajamas we bought her for the party a few weeks ago."