Friday, January 13, 2006

If you don't already read this guy...

you should. Fresh of Fresh Pepper is an attorney, back living at home in his parent's basement. He likes to cook and has trouble getting relationships to work.

Take Fresh's Jan 13 post (sorry, no direct link available) about the very creative lubes guys use to spank the monkey, from shampoo to cooking spray. Makes me view products in the bathroom and kitchen and tool shed entirely differently. He asks for additional input, so read the comments, too.

My all time favorite post is from Dec 12. You have to go there to see the picture of the pooch, but here's the text:

I made blondies and brought them to my grandmother's house yesterday. I was so hung over from the wine tasting party the night before that I didn't even try my own dessert.

My cousin said, "You think you had a rough night? The dog woke me up at 5 this morning and I was so drunk I couldn't find her leash. So I tied her to the cord at the end of the iron and walked her around the block holding the iron."

AND the dog was wearing the pajamas we bought her for the party a few weeks ago."


DD said...

Now THAT'S some funny stuff!

nita said...

that's weird...i came over to check your new post and there i am :) it's like walking into a conversation about you....

fresh is the funniest thing on the net. he cracks me up every day.

thanks for the shoutout!

Anonymous said...

Okay Cricket, I'm checkin' this guy out. I'm off to make my husband get me some twinkies!