Friday, January 20, 2006

How long was that line?

In more baby news, Meg Ry4n is adopting from China today.

To see how the rest of the wicked world sees it, go to this celebrity blog entry.


Donna said...

Ouch! OK, its one thing to bash the celebrities, although I don't know why you would bash anyone for adopting, but to throw that much bile at the Chinese situation. Just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Those comments were horrible.

Lisa said...

Okay.. clearly clueless on the process to adopt from China. If only it were as easy as Superficial makes it out to be. We are almost 14 months in to the process and there are no shortcuts... yes, even Meg had to wade through the process. Sad that such a positive thing as adoption is shredded to bits by ignorance. I give her kudos.

Anonymous said...

:( This link made me really upset.

Thanks, Cricket, for letting us know about it--I'm so sad that people like that--the writer and commenters--exist.

Karen/Naked ovary

Anonymous said...

Postings like that one encourage the bigots and ignoramuses to come out of the woodwork. Some of the comments were downright chilling.