Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

If your kitty won't drink...

Tonight reminded me of something I was successful with a year and a half ago.

What reminded me was FINALLY making some tuna salad. I'd been purchasing and spoiling green onions for about 2 months now in preparation. Today, when I went to make my bi-weekly wasteful purchase, believe it or not, the grocery store had no green onions. I wanted green for the anti-oxidants, but I went for a white. And I guess b/c I viewed the white as as little less healthful (as if I knew), I FINALLY made tuna fish tonight.

A year and a half ago, my cat was 15. She'd always been skinny and healthy with plenty of hairballs to boot. I'd kept up her shots until she was over 10 and that's considered long enough. The only thing I'd noticed her fading a bit on was her ability for her back legs to grip when she jumped. She could still make it to the bathroom sink or to the desk, it just took a bit more scrambling to get there.

One evening, she jumped off my bed and made it about 6 feet, to where I could see her from the office. She was obviously dizzy. Her legs were like non-sea legs. Her saliva was drippy and a bit frothy. I decided to watch her for a little while.

Meanwhile, I searched around for something she might have gotten into - like rat poison I didn't possess or a pill that fell on the floor.

She didn't get better within about 2 hours, so I called an emergency vet. When I inquired about the rates, reinserted my teeth, then he suggested another, which was the same distance from us.

This was so hard bringing my son, too, but I didn't really have a choice and I'm not one to shelter him anyway. His father was going to meet us there if I thought it necessary.

The doctor saw our sweet drunken cat quickly. She was surprised at her age and at her lack of previous incidents. She felt like this age/issues meant a stroke, a thyroid problem, or kidney failure. They took blood. Over time, she began to act less drunk, but not better. The vet asked about keeping her over. I told the vet that I was an unemployed single mom, so nothing extraordinary would be possible. I would do what I could (prednisone and an antibiotic), but I would take her home. She was fine with that. The vet was so kind that she took off the dr part of the bill. Incredible.

That night, I left her downstairs by her litter box and food, but she cried to sleep upstairs with me, as usual. I went down and got her, holding her tight as if it were our last moments together.

The next morning, as I got up to shower, she hopped right off the bed! When I went downstairs, she followed me down! An hour later, she followed me back UP! I called the vet per her instructions. She was very impressed (and all the blood tests came back negative later, expensive things they were), but she asked about getting fluids in her.

Usually our cat is primo on water, but she'd been putting her nose up at it that morning. The vet said that if she didn't get some in her that day, she'd usually have the cat stay over at the hospital on IV, but in my case, she'd teach me how to inject fluid into the cat's abdomen.

I'm a biologist. I even had to saw a cat's head in half one, but I didn't want to stick a needle repeatedly in my cat's abdomen.

So I thought like a good cat mom. I opened a can of tuna fish and squeezed out the luscious tuna water. [Looking back, I should have diluted some of it by half to reduce the phosphorous and/or sodium content, seeing if that would fly first, then go for the big guns if needed.]

She drank it all day, like a champ. Never a lot at once, but consistantly.

When the vet called the next morning, her expecting mandatory injections, she was shocked at the idea of using tuna water and I think it was added to her repertoire.

Just goes to show you what the love of an ancient cat and the "necessity" of an empty pocketbook will "invent."

We loved the prednisone, btw. The cat could jump so high, she was over-clearing her goals. I've considered getting more just to make her life a little easier. [ETA: I've learned that is bad for her failing kidneys, so we didn't use it further.]

Now, her two favorite places are laying on the cable box downstairs or on the back of my computer monitor upstairs. In 3 years, we've gone through 3 cable boxes; at least they're free. Been lucky with the monitor, but she's been using it less than a year - for some reason I was more successful at shooing her off it in the past. If I'm out of the loop computer-wise for a day or two, imagine me unsuccessfully trying to hook up a cable box in lieu of the computer monitor. All for the love of a kitty sauna.

PS - This post gets many hits daily. If this information helps you, I'd love to know with a comment here, as would many other visitors. If you have another related idea, please share. Lots of cats who are not drinking could be helped.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Not that I know anything in advance

I find the case of Terri Schiavo heart wrenching.

Without taking sides, b/c I truly don't know and I find huge differences in the 'facts', I have been reading several commentaries.

Peaktalk has some good summaries; to me it is surprising so many fall (him in particular) on the side of Jeb Bush and the like.

In reading a little, for our mutual benefit, I am going to include a link here for Advanced Directives. You can create a handy-dandy print out this stuff out for yourself particular to your state and hopefully have some say if bad things happen your way.

I'll vouch for the fact that most of us have had our fill of bad things, at quota, thanks, but signing a form is a little thing to do to try to make something very wrong more right.

My only quandry right now is having an ex who would LOVE to have custody of his son...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

In honor of our Spring Break last year

and to appease my longings this year... (click for larger view)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Can't trust it

Funny how some comments get through Blogger and others don't.

I do have to briefly comment on a blip at Overlawyered. I enjoy that site, mostly b/c I am so unlawyerly and have no clue at how inane lawsuits get or how much they cost, i.e. the lawyers get paid.

The following, tho, does not belong in the frivolous law suit category. Not only does the woman receive the wrong baby from the hospital nurse to fruitlessly attempt to breastfeed a previously breastfeeding infant, she learns that her own infant is in the hands of strangers. I think that's enough to rock a post-partum's world. For a while.

Maybe it's the Overlawyering MAN thing going on? Sort of a sports analogy. No harm, no foul.

I think the mom would define harm and foul quite differently. And I do, too.

Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

with this blog entry
'They mixed those children up/And not a creature knew it'

going to this link
Mom Sues Hospital Claiming She Nursed Wrong Baby
Woman Says Nurses At North Suburban Medical Center Handed Her Wrong Girl

What do you think? Does this case add to the high cost of our legal system or does this traumatized mom deserve her day in court?

Blogger be dammed! I want comments, so gremlins be gone! Off with yous!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not a paid endorsement TO EAT!

Have any of you purchased restaurant gift certificates on eBay? I love it. I give them as teacher's gifts, etc. When I'm poor, I can pull one out and treat J and I to dinner for only the cost of a tip.

Happy tummies. Good times.

You can bid on eBay in an auction for the same, paying something like $8 or so for a $25 gift certificate.

Or you can go straight to Generally the price sans auction is $10 for $25 credit. It is handy to do prior to a spontaneous dinner out.

Restaurants vary. Some only offer half off certificates. Some only offer $10 gift certificates. Some require a party of four or of four adults or a bill of $35 or more. Others don't include holidays or Friday/Saturday nights.

Just a heads up on what to look for in the descriptions.....

because they're doing a half price sale again.

That means you'll pay $5 for a $25 gift certificate.

It is well worth it. The restaurants are good, too. Of course, you'll see the awful waffle and greasy spoon. You'll also see popular Mom and Pop pizza joints. There are lots of ethnic choices and a lot are rather upscale eateries. It depends on where you live.

Here's the link and the code you need is 69155. The offer is good through 3/19/05.

Bon Appetite, El Cheapo!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The last straw(s)

Bruce Willis is everywhere these days. I was alright with it until today, then one thing led to another. You'll see.

P and I watched an A&E Biography on him the other night. He seems to be a pretty likeable guy, knows what he's into and knows what he wants to protect. I can respect that. I enjoyed him immensely in Pulp Fiction.

Then I started seeing online, beginning yesterday, about him getting fancy with 18 yo Lindsey Lohan. Okay, one report I can ignore. More and I start to wonder. And it is very suspicious that the NY Post article is now gone and there is now this retraction. How much should retractions be believed?

Funny, May-December describes Demi and Ashton in the article. It became May-Paleolithic Era for Bruce and Lindsey Lohan. Heehee.

However, the last Willis over-exposure straw for me came for me in reading this Notable Quote this morning:

"Here is the order it would go in before I would get to the 'Moonlighting' reunion show. I would become a judge on 'American Idol.' I would be the center square on 'Hollywood Squares' where it would be, 'I'll take Bruce Willis to block please.'"

-- BRUCE WILLIS on the unlikely possibility of a reunion show with CYBILL SHEPHERD, quoted in the New York Daily News.

I had forgotten all about the Will-Bill feud. Seems that he prefers hanging out with his ex wife's current fuck than risk a face to face with Bill. I wouldn't want to hang with Bill either. Not that Ashton is any better.

Back in 1987, following is what Bruce said about Cybill. I detect the winds of change.

"In this town," replied Willis, appearing relaxed and refined in a snappy gray suit, "a certain part of the entertainment business deals with money to be made by trading on someone's name. It sells magazines to say `Bruce and Cybill are fighting.'

"The thought," he continued, "that two people with such great chemistry and who work so well together could be fighting sells (newspapers and magazines)."

Pausing briefly, Willis added, "It's really pretty much nonsense. . . . That stuff just doesn't happen."

Yeah, uh, right, I guess.

Regardless, Bruce is alright, I guess, mostly b/c he loves the blues. He may become a MOD-father if the rumor (ha, pun there) is true about Demi's bun. MOD is Ashton's title from the Bruce-Demi clan: My.Other.Dad.

I think Bruce is better described as ROD, Republican.Other.Dad.

Maybe it is Ashton's 20-something seed, if it is true that 42 yo AGE PEER TO ME, Demi, is due again. (Apparently, childbirth was pleasurable for her, the dear.) She's unusual for Hollywood. She did have a miscarriage toward the end of her marriage with Bruce, but I can't find how it was revealed, if it was something she talked about. (She even played a character who had a miscarriage and feared another in Seventh Sign.) As a result of the miscarriage to her, tho, the word is that she won't officially TELL this time until the 3rd month.

Can't wait.

I bet Bruce is excited, too.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Lick their backsides?

Chuck and Cammie: not sure if I'd want to use these stamps.

Switching gears....

I'm going to confide here. Someplace way down inside, I want them to be allowed to be happy.

Switching topics....

Fuck Blogger. I am so tired of the smallest operation taking 30 minutes. Go to the link for the picture.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My well traveled mouth

Kind of freaked myself out on Sunday when I glanced at my tongue in the mirror.

Yuck! Mine looks most like the left picture's right side. I have no idea how long it has been there, don't routinely do tongue checks.

Dr. Google tells me that it is called a geographic tongue. I gather the cause is as basic as breathing, or perhaps a virus, dietary issue, stress, you name it.

Here's a thorough description.

For your entertainment pleasure, and just b/c the tongue takes really funny pictures, here are more cases.

Further, b/c pictures of a sick, but not sick, tongue are grossly entertaining, here are even more cases.

Apparently it comes and goes rather mysteriously, but I should expect it to last a couple weeks.

Anyone else been thusly blessed as well?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Logistics question

Do you fellow bloggers keep track of where you've commented? I have two issues about this.

Sometimes I forget to go back and a thread has taken off without me. Related, although I don't think it has happened to me, would be if my entry caused problems and I was too ditzy to remember to go back to defend, apologize, or rectify.

Or sometimes I find that I will put together a long, thoughtful, and personal entry on someone else's blog, b/c they have raised an important issue. Such a comment could be enough to be a good blog entry.

As a potential cure, I'm not crazy about putting a message here for a reader to hunt down something elsewhere - as if anyone would.

I have considered putting a running list of links in my companion blog, similar to how I have my categorized filing cabinet over there for my entries over here. That would pretty much be just for my use, tho, so it would solve the first issue, not the second.

Are there any other solutions?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A book diversion as I attempt to sleep early tonight

For the challenge of Oro and the ones before her:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

I'm adding:
6. Send me a link, too!

The 2 closest books didn't fit - art books with picture descriptions and not enough verbiage. However, I went to a favorite on the nearby shelf.

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

It is a poignant Newbery Award winner. Yes, it is a children's book, but unlike most children's books in its expression of depth, pain, and anguish, a story of strength during hardship.

Miss Freeland rings the bell to call us in
but I'm not ready to come back yet.
When I do come,
I study how fine that baby girl is. How perfect,
and that she is wearing a feed-sack nightgown that
was my brother's.
p. 123

Wouldn't ya know it, p. 123 describes kids having to wait outside for a birthing to happen in the schoolhouse: Depression in Oklahoma's dust bowl, 1935.