Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not a paid endorsement TO EAT!

Have any of you purchased restaurant gift certificates on eBay? I love it. I give them as teacher's gifts, etc. When I'm poor, I can pull one out and treat J and I to dinner for only the cost of a tip.

Happy tummies. Good times.

You can bid on eBay in an auction for the same, paying something like $8 or so for a $25 gift certificate.

Or you can go straight to Generally the price sans auction is $10 for $25 credit. It is handy to do prior to a spontaneous dinner out.

Restaurants vary. Some only offer half off certificates. Some only offer $10 gift certificates. Some require a party of four or of four adults or a bill of $35 or more. Others don't include holidays or Friday/Saturday nights.

Just a heads up on what to look for in the descriptions.....

because they're doing a half price sale again.

That means you'll pay $5 for a $25 gift certificate.

It is well worth it. The restaurants are good, too. Of course, you'll see the awful waffle and greasy spoon. You'll also see popular Mom and Pop pizza joints. There are lots of ethnic choices and a lot are rather upscale eateries. It depends on where you live.

Here's the link and the code you need is 69155. The offer is good through 3/19/05.

Bon Appetite, El Cheapo!

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