Saturday, March 05, 2005

Logistics question

Do you fellow bloggers keep track of where you've commented? I have two issues about this.

Sometimes I forget to go back and a thread has taken off without me. Related, although I don't think it has happened to me, would be if my entry caused problems and I was too ditzy to remember to go back to defend, apologize, or rectify.

Or sometimes I find that I will put together a long, thoughtful, and personal entry on someone else's blog, b/c they have raised an important issue. Such a comment could be enough to be a good blog entry.

As a potential cure, I'm not crazy about putting a message here for a reader to hunt down something elsewhere - as if anyone would.

I have considered putting a running list of links in my companion blog, similar to how I have my categorized filing cabinet over there for my entries over here. That would pretty much be just for my use, tho, so it would solve the first issue, not the second.

Are there any other solutions?

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Orodemniades said...

I frequently forget where I post comments. Then again, I tend to read my usual cache of blogs on a near daily basis...basically, I have no solution!