Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My well traveled mouth

Kind of freaked myself out on Sunday when I glanced at my tongue in the mirror.

Yuck! Mine looks most like the left picture's right side. I have no idea how long it has been there, don't routinely do tongue checks.

Dr. Google tells me that it is called a geographic tongue. I gather the cause is as basic as breathing, or perhaps a virus, dietary issue, stress, you name it.

Here's a thorough description.

For your entertainment pleasure, and just b/c the tongue takes really funny pictures, here are more cases.

Further, b/c pictures of a sick, but not sick, tongue are grossly entertaining, here are even more cases.

Apparently it comes and goes rather mysteriously, but I should expect it to last a couple weeks.

Anyone else been thusly blessed as well?


akeeyu said...

"Wandering Rash of the Tongue?"

I like that...but, um, where the hell is it going to wander??

Anonymous said...

I've had a geographic tongue my whole life and I first got teesed about it in forth grade when this little a-hole said "eewwww! what are those worms on your tongue!!" so i was always self consious about it but honestly NO ONE ever notices and once on valentines day many years ago i had a heart on my tongue!

Anonymous said...

Geographic tongue can be gotten rid of - it's an obvious message from the body - from the intestines and digestive system saying CLEAN ME OUT - i tried doctors and diflucan and all kinds of shit until i tried a fast and cleanse using arise and shine - and shit all the mucoid plaque out of my stomach and reflora'd it - oh and stopped SUGAR NO SUGAR NO NO NO - don't buy into the conspiracy. thanks