Friday, March 18, 2005

Can't trust it

Funny how some comments get through Blogger and others don't.

I do have to briefly comment on a blip at Overlawyered. I enjoy that site, mostly b/c I am so unlawyerly and have no clue at how inane lawsuits get or how much they cost, i.e. the lawyers get paid.

The following, tho, does not belong in the frivolous law suit category. Not only does the woman receive the wrong baby from the hospital nurse to fruitlessly attempt to breastfeed a previously breastfeeding infant, she learns that her own infant is in the hands of strangers. I think that's enough to rock a post-partum's world. For a while.

Maybe it's the Overlawyering MAN thing going on? Sort of a sports analogy. No harm, no foul.

I think the mom would define harm and foul quite differently. And I do, too.

Chronicling the high cost of our legal system

with this blog entry
'They mixed those children up/And not a creature knew it'

going to this link
Mom Sues Hospital Claiming She Nursed Wrong Baby
Woman Says Nurses At North Suburban Medical Center Handed Her Wrong Girl

What do you think? Does this case add to the high cost of our legal system or does this traumatized mom deserve her day in court?

Blogger be dammed! I want comments, so gremlins be gone! Off with yous!


Liz said...

Personally I can't imagine a better case to go to trial. The thought that the babies were mixed up is bad enough, but it makes one wonder how the hospital security is in could a baby be released to someone who is not the parent. That's what those damn bracelets are supposed to insure.

Hi, I found you by following your comment link on SuburbanBliss. We have some similarities. I am also 42 and get carded routinely (not cause I look 26, but more cause I look under 35). I have a red-headed daughter (almost 16) with very white skin. I also have a 12 year old daughter with very olive skin (go figure) and it's true, the second one is way more trouble than the first...I totally believe the whole birth order thing.

Also, I don't know where you live, but it sounds so similar...the stuff you say about real estate, that it reminds me of our area, here in Mid Atlantic Maryland. Love your blog, it's so personal and well written.

Cricket said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the visit. Just for the record, I need to change the 26 thing. This year has brought undue numbers of gray hairs. Between that and gaining weight, carding has been on decline.

Funny, as white as my son is, I'm whiter. I always burn worse than he does. In fact, it is strangely rare that he burns; I have to be much more diligent about myself.

I understand the deal with your daughters. My sister and I are 25% Greek, but she got all the melanin. She's always been dark skinned, never gave a hoot when I was sun poisoned yet again.

I looked through your pictures last night. I love the garden shots especially. You had one flower labeled as an unknown iris under the Cicada section.I know it as "Kiss me at the garden gate" or, a little less poetically, "Meet me at the garden gate." They were titles from little old ladies (80-90 yrs old) at church who used to give me extra stuff from their yard.

I don't think we live very far apart; I suppose folks could try to figure it out, but I've never said where I live. I do prefer to be stealth blogger, ha!

Recently I read a comment from a rather famous blogger. She said that all of us have a personae sometimes/usually while blogging. I don't think I do. Maybe I'm missing out on something (like an imagination?), but I do know that the intensely personal comes through here, intensely even.

Liz said...

Cricket, thanks for looking at our pictures. This is the best time to walk around the garden, looking for any signs of life and taking pictures. A few more sunny days and things are going to take off. When we moved here it was fall, and I was so excited for spring to see what would bloom...sadly the people we bought from were not gardeners, so not much came up save a few clumps of daffodils and one area with tulips.

Luckily I work with lots of people who have small gardens that need containment, and once they heard I needed plants, I received literally garbage bags full of plants and I had no idea what they were, hence my ignorance on what types of irises and other assortments that I have in my garden. Thanks for giving that iris a name. But that's the beauty of's all trial and error and when something works, it's awfully beautiful!