Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The last straw(s)

Bruce Willis is everywhere these days. I was alright with it until today, then one thing led to another. You'll see.

P and I watched an A&E Biography on him the other night. He seems to be a pretty likeable guy, knows what he's into and knows what he wants to protect. I can respect that. I enjoyed him immensely in Pulp Fiction.

Then I started seeing online, beginning yesterday, about him getting fancy with 18 yo Lindsey Lohan. Okay, one report I can ignore. More and I start to wonder. And it is very suspicious that the NY Post article is now gone and there is now this retraction. How much should retractions be believed?

Funny, May-December describes Demi and Ashton in the article. It became May-Paleolithic Era for Bruce and Lindsey Lohan. Heehee.

However, the last Willis over-exposure straw for me came for me in reading this Notable Quote this morning:

"Here is the order it would go in before I would get to the 'Moonlighting' reunion show. I would become a judge on 'American Idol.' I would be the center square on 'Hollywood Squares' where it would be, 'I'll take Bruce Willis to block please.'"

-- BRUCE WILLIS on the unlikely possibility of a reunion show with CYBILL SHEPHERD, quoted in the New York Daily News.

I had forgotten all about the Will-Bill feud. Seems that he prefers hanging out with his ex wife's current fuck than risk a face to face with Bill. I wouldn't want to hang with Bill either. Not that Ashton is any better.

Back in 1987, following is what Bruce said about Cybill. I detect the winds of change.

"In this town," replied Willis, appearing relaxed and refined in a snappy gray suit, "a certain part of the entertainment business deals with money to be made by trading on someone's name. It sells magazines to say `Bruce and Cybill are fighting.'

"The thought," he continued, "that two people with such great chemistry and who work so well together could be fighting sells (newspapers and magazines)."

Pausing briefly, Willis added, "It's really pretty much nonsense. . . . That stuff just doesn't happen."

Yeah, uh, right, I guess.

Regardless, Bruce is alright, I guess, mostly b/c he loves the blues. He may become a MOD-father if the rumor (ha, pun there) is true about Demi's bun. MOD is Ashton's title from the Bruce-Demi clan: My.Other.Dad.

I think Bruce is better described as ROD, Republican.Other.Dad.

Maybe it is Ashton's 20-something seed, if it is true that 42 yo AGE PEER TO ME, Demi, is due again. (Apparently, childbirth was pleasurable for her, the dear.) She's unusual for Hollywood. She did have a miscarriage toward the end of her marriage with Bruce, but I can't find how it was revealed, if it was something she talked about. (She even played a character who had a miscarriage and feared another in Seventh Sign.) As a result of the miscarriage to her, tho, the word is that she won't officially TELL this time until the 3rd month.

Can't wait.

I bet Bruce is excited, too.

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