Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sunset: Memo.rial Day Weekend 2004


Liz said...

It's funny. I have lived in MD since 1988 and have never been to Ocean City. This picture almost makes me want to go...way better than the usual crowded beach shots that I have seen.

Cricket said...

It was my and J's first time going. P and L had been many times. We did it as sort of a last minute thing and it worked out well. It wasn't pristine sunny (cool and rainy at least 1 day), so I believe the crowds were small - think they built up a little on Sunday. It was easy to get around on the board walk; seems like we only had to wait for 2 or 4 people at the ferris wheel. I'll upload another picture and you'll see.

I'm from SC, so I am over-accustomed to the crowds at Myrtle Beach. At least Ocean City had similar depth to the beach. Virginia Beach is just awful.

One of our favorite beaches is atypical - Breezy Point Beach, just south of Chesapeake Beach. It is on the bay, so pretty dusty, but they have a netted area so no jelly fish get it - a major plus to me. They also have MANY shark's teeth and are known for the prehistoric ones. If you go to the camping hut, they have a great shark's teeth flyer. I've always wanted to camp there right on the bay - one day! The have a great website.

Cricket said...

This has been bothering me, if anyone reads this old post, you'll know. Call me anal.

Why would there be a westerly sunset on the East Coast?

There is a western side of OC b/c it is an island strip sliver of land, but then you'd see East Coast land in the picture.

The easy explanation would be that this is a SUNRISE, however I am NEVER and early riser.

I can only blame somnambulism toward things of beauty with the proper equipment in hand.

Liz said...

It's possible you were sleep walking...but I think it's more likely the picture was taken bay-side. And it's a beauty!