Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why are you visiting here?

I'd like to figure out some hits. From the first, I got about 20 in the last 2 days, more before that but my log recycles after every 100 hits. From the second, I've gotten about 10, but more before, too. They start out similarly, but the ISPs are from all over the world.


The Chelsea one goes to a non-working page that does have a link at the top going to Chelsea. I did use that link once, but I didn't use the picture in my blog. I wonder what has made that picture of her in HS so popular?


This link just goes straight back to Google, so I don't know exactly what magnet it shows. I once discussed doing a kiddie bulletin board on magnetism at school, but I never got to do anything with it, never pictured a magnet.

I can see a hit or two off of such obscure stuff, but this is strange to me.

If you're hitting me b/c of these links, please pipe up and let me know why. I'm just curious!

PS (b/c I'm not finished with the topic) - Chelsea and magnet people, what do you think about an artist who is commercial enough to compromise the essence of art? By this, I definitely include Thomas Kinkade trash, too. He's selling sentimentality, which is very different than cultivating an emotion. He makes his music for money with great success, but it is at a huge cost in my opinion. What do you think?


Ron Southern said...

I get hits like that all the time. I started getting them prior to that fit I threw a couple of months ago when I threw Site Meter off my site. It wasn't Site Meter's fault, I was just tired of trying to figure out those hits. In my case, it was, as the "google.images" bit indicates always related to a link on my site to a photo. Now that I've re-instated Site Meter, I see that it's all still doing the same thing. Are you sure that you didn't link to the photos in question? Anyway, it's those hits that make me say that there is no accuracy in my Site Meter counts. Those hits are from people neither searching for me or for any subject that is particularly related to me. If you write "cow" in a post, you'll apparently turn up forever among the cattle growers' association annual reports!

As far as anyone looking for you or me in those hits, they're not. They have arrived at your site by accident checking as many items as they can of those items that came up in their Google search. As fas as I can guess, they're not even momentarily engaged by my funny-looking site, they just look at it and think "No, that's not it" and off they go elsewhere.

Back when it was only one photo link doing this, I went back to my post and changed that link to something else, but it never stopped. Somewhere in an evil cache, something is still getting my link listed on people's Google searches. I feel like you that somebody knows what's going on with that, but apparently I don't know any of them.

Search for Bettie Page and see if TRS turn up. That's the one singing it's siren tune to all mankind despite the fact that I deleted it many weeks ago!

Ron Southern said...

An afterthought: It occurs to me this may be a side-effect of some kind. Surely Google would realize that there isn't even any sense in listing a photo link from my site since obviously a link has an original site! Wouldn't a sensible person either want to see the photo on the original site or not care to see it on every site that's ever linked to it? It seems like busy work for Google and extra work for Google searchers! The cause of it, though, is that it's being done by Google robots and no sensibility is required, because there's no humans in the process to be irritated by it except you and me.

Man of a Thousand Guesses

Anonymous said...

Thomas Kinkade - blaaaargh!

What complete and utter sentimental crap. Now, I'm all for a little bit of schmaltz every so often, but his paintings are just so damned unrealistic it makes me wanna hurl. Not even Robin Williams at his most saccharine would buy that stuff.

I've not had a problem with sitemeter and images, but I get some mighty strange searches coming up as of late...and then I went and checked, and realized I actually use Stat Counter, not Site Meter, and feel Very Very Dumb.


Birch and Maple

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that I was in Starbucks last week, and this mom and kid came in, and the kid was oh, 11-12, and he was just, I dunno, he was one of those kids that just give off 'neat person' vibes, and I thought to myself, I bet that's just what Cricket's son is like.

And, continuing on with the weird search topics, here are some of mine for today:

does a butterfly sing or churp

ecce gratum is

and my personal favorite:

arctic shaped uterus delivery

Yeah, I don't have a clue either.

birch and maple

Cricket said...

These hits keep repeating, from all over the world. Still.

Ron, I had links to the pictures, not to Google, so I don't know why they'd go that route.

I am severly sleep deprived, yelling at everyone, so don't expect coherent thoughts.

I will say, tho, that I don't really care who hits. I'm a hit slut. Read and get to know me, or not. I don't really care, nor do I care about the hit number, except to say folks are visiting. As a result, I don't usually bother about the StatCounter specifics except to say I care about the ISP folks who I recognize. Even if the folks I 'know' are not commenting, I know they're cruising and that's what I like to see.

Oro, thanks for the thought of my son. My main goal is for him to not succumb to (ghast!) the boy scouts terms of 'perfume and gasoline' when he's a teenager. I hope to keep him so busy, which teaches him to be goal oriented, that he can look like a normal kid at Starbucks (not in line, tho, unless he has his own job cuz that stuff is expensive - and no caffeine either!) and he's not a freak wearing black with a thousand piercings.

Anonymous said...

I got "Nasty Doctor Outfits" once.
Isn't that great?