Saturday, April 23, 2005

Took my own advice

and saw not one movie, but two.

One wasn't as good as I'd anticipated, but it was better than the one that I feared would be worse.

Ahhhh, right.

Saw Kung Fu Hustle (89% Fresh) first. It was captivating, but less funny than I expected. The special effects were awesome and it was very entertaining. It is always fun to see a cross-cultural movie (I'm disappointed that I missed Flying Daggers on the big screen) and I loved the Chinese-ness of Hustle - one thing in particular - how old folks can kick butt and be powerful. It is wild and new, as this reviewer said...

"Hatchet fu, shotgun fu, flowerpot fu, harp fu, cobra fu, disco fu, Zen fu, Kubrick fu, Road Runner fu, geezer fu, bullfrog fu. Kung Fu Hustle features every type of fu except déjà fu."

I do wish there had been more dancing. No, seriously.

Even Roger Ebert got it right on the money: like Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meet Quentin Tarantino and Bugs Bunny.

Saw The Interpretor (61% Fresh, so only 2% from Rotten) second. I know how folks dislike Nic.ole, but I don't. I do think she is beautiful, if not too skinny. She can be rather gangly, but it is a cute awkwardness to me. The movie was relatively high speed, lots of twists and implausibilities. It was one that if I caught it on HBO, that I'd figured it'd covered my HBO bill for the month.

It was strange seeing her opposite Sean Penn. I abhor how his hair is dyed, with little gray wisps remaining at the temples. Was the same way in Mystic River and 21 Grams. In fact, I did catch myself during the movie wondering about the dye jobs on these two. It was strange seeing her being so very blonde. And her hair is so thin and lifeless now, a far cry from her beautiful, natural curls.

Further, it was worrisome for me to see Catherine Keener essentially as a prop, spitting out little smart ass phrases. She's great at being the smart ass and I don't believe it is all acting, but she could have offered this flick more than she gave. I was surprised to see how much she's aged. Alas, it happens to the best of us.

She's one of my indie favs (I've already discussed Death to Smoochy - remember I am Smoochy - plus Lovely & Amazing - but her bush wasn't discussed there, even tho the discussing actor Dermot Mulroney is actually her husband - and I haven't discussed how much I loved Living in Oblivion or even Being John Malkovich or also even Box of Moonlight), but I'd hate to see her whither away in main stream projects.

So, a better evening than it started out being.

And b/c I do believe in energies, consider it Karma. Ex called me as I waited between movies. His downstairs (split level, so half the house) flooded. Seems that the washer's pipe broke and it spewed all day, with a couple inches of water inside and enough to soak the back yard, too. He, his pregnant new wife, and my precious J discovered it when they got home from dinner.

Too much mojo, had to throw a little Hustle Fu their way.

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