Saturday, April 23, 2005

Elaine would be so happy!

I am splitting a gut! I read the headline, below, and immediately thought of an overjoyed Elaine.

Imagine a world where a long gone sitcom character has the staying power to change an industry.... with the power of email assisting and women getting what they asked for.

(For thorough commentary, look to The Well Timed Period.)

Sponge Contraceptive Returning to Market

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A contraceptive sponge for women is returning to the U.S. market for the first time in a decade, the manufacturer said on Friday.

The over-the-counter Today Sponge will start reappearing on store shelves this summer, maker Allendale Pharmaceuticals said. The company won the needed government clearance of its production facilities, Food and Drug Administration spokeswoman Susan Cruzan confirmed.

The earlier producer, American Home Products, stopped making the sponge in late 1994 when it encountered manufacturing problems and decided it was too costly to upgrade its plant. American Home Products is now Wyeth .

The sponge was made famous by the television comedy "Seinfeld," when the character Elaine hoarded the devices once they were no longer made. She then used the birth control method only when she deemed a man "spongeworthy."

That episode, and repeated re-runs, raised awareness of the product. Allendale, which bought rights to the Today Sponge in 1998, received daily inquiries and kept an e-mail list of about 9,000 women interested in the sponge's return, said Allendale President and Chief Executive Gene Detroyer.


Liz said...

I think that almost every situation in life can be summed up with a Seinfeld episode. I can't tell you how many times I have used Seinfeld as an example in my own life. I still love watching the reruns.

Cricket said...

That would be fun.

P hates it, won't tolerate it even being on - although he'll watch about anything else the boob tube has to offer.

He doesn't even realize he's being the Soup Nazi, commanding me, "That's enough for YOU!"