Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The expert fishers

(click to enlarge)

I took this picture several years ago where we used to live. There had been high waters and the fishing was good. There are at least 11 great blue herons pictured here seeking their catch.


Liz said...

Very beautiful picture! Looks like my back yard...only the river is wider.

What is that red thing on the far right, center.

Cricket said...

On the left side, I cut off a tall wall - it isn't a naturalized scene like on the right. However, the red thing is also part of the un-naturalized stuff. It is a disc on some sort of tower, perhaps related to the stuff on the left. I don't think it is a small power or water treatment plant, but it is something municipal.

Maybe it is a warniing red stop sign thing. Part of the reason that the water is so frothy at the top is that there is some sort of damn up there. It is off limits, so I've never been up that far. Wouldn't be too smart for a boater either.

Sharp eyes. Had the pic 2 yrs now and only noticed it last night myself!