Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Meet my new love, Stanley

I just met Stanley this week. He follows me wherever I want to go now. He's going to get quite dusty, but he doesn't mind in the least. He came from Wally World and... What a bargain! $24.97 down to $22 something. Good thing he wasn't labeled as an art supply; then he'd have cost $122!

Now Stanley and I can glide into class effortlessly doing the Pastel Polka.

I've been looking for a while for how to carry my pastels shit. I have a French easel thoughtfully purchased by ex, but I've never used it - too heavy and awkward with too little storage, not appropriate for the watercolors I was doing when I got it and too small for pastels. (I tried to find a way to make it workable, like with this backpack, but at the time I could not see spending $50 for some straps to convert something heavy I didn't like into something heavy to wear on my back.) Been using 2 reinforced tote bags for a while now and reinforcing my nickname of 'the bag lady' with everyone I meet.

You should see the rolling luggage carriers of crap that people unpack in these classes! I try to travel light - yup, you may actually call it being more poor than the next fella, b/c I lust for all those colorful goodies, too.

Seems that lots of folks besides artists like Stanley. He seems to appeal to both the survivalists and the geeks as well. The survivalist guy, detailed-oriented live-er that he is, has many pictures of Stanley in all his incarnations. (Accessories not included, of course.)

As you can tell, Stanley is very limber and versatile.

Fellow wierdos all love him for that: us artists, survivalists, and geeks.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I left you a comment about this post. I said that my boss has one and LOVES it.

Are you erasing me? Am I writing too much?

Cricket said...

I'd seen where you'd gone to leave a comment, but I figured it was a Blogger-geist hijack situation, so kept my hands off, b/c I it wasn't there anyway.