Friday, January 20, 2006

Superior twins, no less

I really hate Ang. I always liked, but not loved, Brad. Jen's okay.

Ang is all superior and holier-than-thou when she's not being weird making blood amulets and being married to a troll, a very funny troll, tho.

Now, of course, she's pregnant. I'd wondered why she didn't announce about it until she was looking to be 4-5 months. I wondered if it had to do with the adoption by Brad of her other kids, getting the legalities finalized.

Now I realize it is something beyond that.

She's having twins.

She underwent fertility treatments of a sort I could not find.

Tell me, b/c I want to know. How the fuck does a woman find a man who will not only leave his wife, but will only months later undergo ART?

Brad must have been awful baby hungry. And all the statements about Jen's questionable fertility are moot if Brad is willing to take a risk to be with Ang to undergo ART.

Where do I find a man like that?


Anonymous said...

Wha??? My brain is still trying to process the ART thing. How did they know they would need ART?

Anonymous said...

No effing way!!

DD said...

I fucking hate that whole (HOLE) business.

Brad is probably gay or hung like a gnat and she's probably really an ice-queen so they had to go thru AI. I won't even honor them with the thought of IUI.

I heard this on a morning radio talk show and they said it will be that biological kid who will grow up to write a book on how fucked-up his/her (his and her?) life was.

Can you tell this pisses me off to no end. WHO GIVES A SHIT!!