Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another mindless indulgence

I have come to realize that I like the odd, the stuff that's not quite mainstream. I'm not particularly odd, so I don't know the appeal. Maybe it is that sneaky voyeur again.

I love to go to the "Oddly Enough" section at Yahoo News. The stories are a hoot. Even if they're not designated as such, there could be Darwin Awards presented daily.

An interesting part of it is the "Notable Quotes" set of entries.

This is one appearing today:

HOLLYWOOD (Reuters) - They really said it -- notable quotes from the news:
"Well, there was no sex for 14 days."
-- California Gov. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER on how his wife, Kennedy scion MARIA SHRIVER, reacted to his speech supporting PRESIDENT BUSH at the Republican National Convention.

How funny! I don't suppose they're ttc, so it doesn't matter. I believe they've probably had enough success in that arena. Not to be callous, but maybe he found some intern to grope instead?

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