Friday, October 28, 2005

Timing is everything

I haven't seen anyone else post about this, so I will. It has been stewing since last night.

Brooke Shields is expecting #2.

Lucky 40yo, so she is.

The article states, "Shields has played Roxie Hart in the long-running Broadway revival of Chicago since Sept. 9 and is set to continue in the role until Oct. 30."

This means that she entered the gig pregnant.

This means that, knowing that she had the gig, that she did not undergo extensive ART this time to get pregnant. Roxie is a strenuous role in a strenuous production. It's not that pregnant women aren't strong, but, jeeeez, they sure tend to be nauseated and generally unwilling to jump around and dance in the early stages of being knocked up.

It isn't the sort of thing a pregnancy-seeking ART patient would want to have on her ART calendar.

To Do:
  • Shoot up
  • IVF
  • 2 Week Wait
  • (Rinse and Repeat?)
  • Play Roxie Hart
  • Announce as the 2nd Pink Line Emerges
No, I don't think so.

I found an announcement article about it last evening, b/c I'd followed a thread saying it's been rumored that she and her husband are planning to adopt, in part, to keep PPD at bay. I don't think her pregnancy would have been as hard for me to swallow if I'd have read about it first. Prefacing it with the adoption angle made it tougher to read. Can't explain that.

But, I suppose, congrats to Brooke and Chris. You give hope to infertiles and depressives everywhere.

Besides, I can't wait to hear what Tom Cruise says about it, now that they're in a baby race and now that Kate is a Xenu follower, who will never fall prey to something so ridiculous and contrived as PPD.


Anonymous said...

"But, I suppose, congrats to Brooke and Chris. You give hope to infertiles and depressives everywhere."

Thats Funny.....
Thats all i have to say!

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Cricket said...

Oh shut the fuck up.

Blammers now actually do the word verification. What is this world coming to?

Thalia said...

I hadn't heard the brooke shields news. It is possible that it was IVF, I guess, although as you say it's pretty unlikely. I can't begrudge a fellow infertile her pregnancy, and I'm sure she won't be icky about it. Here's hoping her PPD doesn't return.

Donna said...

I read about this yesterday on Salon's new "women's blog"...have no idea if she did ART again, I'm guessing she did since it took several IVF tries last time, but, as they say, stranger things have happened. As far as the celebrities go, Brooke is one I will actually applaud in this circumstance.

Cricket said...

I appreciate her honesty. I wonder if we'll ever know about this conception. Considering her PPD book, I'm kind of surprised she didn't go that route w/IVF. Maybe whe'll write a combo book w/both pregnancies.

I've seen pictures of her recently, say 1-2 months ago. She looked good. The celeb bloggers where having a field day that she looked very masculine. I think she was just very in shape for playing Roxie. She also did the see-through top thing that has become so popular lately with actresses.

Anyway, it was fun to see such confidence.

Cricket said...

BTW, this is Brooke's sheer outfit from only about a month ago...