Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baby, baby

Does there have to be this much irony in the world?

How on earth could Katie Holmes, SO of apeshit, furniture-jumping, anti-anti-depressant freak Tom Cruise, birth her baby the same exact day as PPD-the-last-go-around Brooke Shields?

Life isn't fair. Maybe it'd be a bit more fair if Katie got her share of PPD, not that I'd wish that on anyone.

On second thought, I'm sure Brooke is a lot more floored today by her luck-of-the-draw baby, not thinking too hard about Alien Cruise or Xenu.


Ron Southern said...

ANOTHER Cruise bolt from the blue! Scorched him!

Anonymous said...

Since TomKat's baby was only made up for the purpose of publicity anyway, I figured that they delayed the birth announcement until after the buzz of Gwyneth's baby died down. It's kind of funny that they now have to share the limelight with Brooke!

Donna said...

They both saddled their daughters with fugly names as far as I'm concerned. Ugh. Poor Brooke had to settle for the "oh yeah, she had a baby too" headlines.

Cricket said...

I don't think Grier is too bad. Brooke seems to like masculine names. Honestly, if your name was Brooke and half the little girls for the last 30 years were named after you, you'd pick something off the wall, too.

Suri - Perez Hilton points out that the Aliens emphasized several positive translations for it, but neglected to say (or know) that it means pickpocket in Japan.

To me, all that comes to mind is Surry with a Fringe on Top. I'm sure the association will come for her eventually.