Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A new hobby

I learned this weekend about another type of Cricket, besides me, Spit's cat, the British batting sport, and the insect. Cricket is also a form of darts. Perhaps you are a bar fly and knew already, but I am slow to the world of darts, regrettably so, as it is something I've wanted to learn for some time. Now I know. I could see Luke or my son and I going to play.

For my future reference:

Additional rules and ways to play Cricket
More types of darts

It occurred to me that a set of darts would be the perfect Xmas gift for Luke - something to do together, isn't too personal, is generic without being cold, and hey! I could keep them if we break up again before Xmas. If I do buy some, perhaps I'll invest in this extra set of flights:

[Shoot, I cannot get the picture to upload.]

Click here.


DD said...

The Sperminator? Doesn't that imply that he kills sperm?

I think it's a very good gift idea for the reasons you stated. Everytime I see someone playing darts I remember the time my little sister threw a dart at me (yes a real dart) and it landed in the back of my heel as I as running from her.

Kellie said...

I think darts is a GREAT Christmas gift! I have been debating putting up a dart board in our basement - I haven't played in years but it's been "calling" me lately.

I had no clue there was a Cricket version of the game...

brite69 said...

I want new darts for Christmas! Last night was Dirnking/Dart league and I sucked ass, but it was fun. I throw soft tip on league and steel tip at work. I suck at both, but it is SO MUCH FUN!

Yay for Darts for Christmas.

DreamNT said...

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