Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Nothin' much

Things have been going much better.

I've only spoken to my mother once.

I have not spoken to my father again. His sister dared to declare yesterday in FB that she was meeting my father today regarding some of their mother's papers; she needed to sign some things. My sister asked what and my aunt tap danced out of it. I would love to stir up some trouble and get my sister in inquire about today so that I am not seen constantly as the greedy one.

I am back on my computer, but I am still without a printer. Have gone to Kinkos a couple times to print, but I'm realizing how much I have not needed a printer.

Bea and I are getting along much better and I am much happier.

My son and I had some rockiness and I took away his xbox for about three weeks. I waited for him to come up with his own solution and he decided that that last week he had to be polite to me. He was, so I realized that his attitude is a choice, not hunger or hormones. When he got the console back, I made it clear that I am on to him. Even better, he has come when I called, etc. since them. We've made pizza a a couple times and are crazy hooked on Chutes and Ladders. I like this version of him.

Besides touching up an old painting of my wonderful old cat, I have done no painting since Oct or Nov. Usually working outside, I really don't like working from photographs inside. To make up for it, I have been active in installing new exhibits and have begun a daily photography blog. Tomorrow, I am going to be a judge of HS kids portfolios for a society's scholarship prize. All of these are great resume-building things, so that's great, but I am losing painting confidence. Alas.

Redbox calls. Seen any good movies lately? I really like how Redbox sends the Tuesday email of new releases and you can easily reserve yours online, movies to pick up by the next night by 9pm. Great system, although it lacks my ever lovin' indies.


Orodemniades said...

Good to hear things are getting better between you and Bea.

As for movies, I recently watched:

Easy A - fabulous! And very very funny.
The Town - Just a great flick, excellently directed by Ben Affleck.
Up! - Pixar's best. i cried. Twice.
Winter's Bone - a hard watch, fantastic acting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Oro.

I liked Easy A, too. Tough when you get what you ask for sometimes.

Enjoyed The Town as well. I've seen pieces of Up, but need to see the whole thing.

Remember hearing of Winter Bone, but not where to see it.

Saw and didn't really enjoy The Tourist. I want Johnny Depp to be sexy, bottom line.

Today, I got Welcome to the Rileys (J. Gandolfini, M. Leo, K. Stewart) and it was excellent, unexpected. Also got Catfish, that that will be for tomorrow.

Val said...

True Grit better win Best Picture...

but actually my own life is providing plenty of drama nowadays, haven't had time to post about it (which is probably A Good Thing)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

True Grit was incredible - so "normal" for a Coen movie.

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