Friday, September 23, 2005

A cousin

Do you get crickets indoors as the seasons change? Last year as I began my blog, I was in the midst of a cricket invasion, so I drew my inspiration from them for my name. I find their song comforting and friendly, not minding them being around.

I just went in the kitchen and met the biggest cricket I have ever seen. It was on the floor and the black body was close to 2" long, not including accessories. Perhaps he's been visiting a while and has dined on cat food and kid crumbs. I let him scoot where he wanted. Couldn't bear to hurt a cousin.


Liz said...

We don't get the crickets in the house now that we are in the country. But when we lived in the city, every fall they would find a little hole in the garage and fall into the basement.

Our two cats we had at the time (indoor cats) had a grand time playing with them. I hate to tell you this, but they loved to pluck the legs off the crickets, leaving them to drag themselves around in circles until they died. After a while, I started to hate the sound of those crickets in the basement.

Cricket said...

Well, okay, I didn't say the part where they stop chUrping and I find their carcasses for the whole next year.

Damn bugs.

Damn concrete slab foundation.