Saturday, September 03, 2005

Our maid

When I was growing up, we had a maid. Now our maid was special. She didn't really have a body, per se, but she did have a name: Katrina.

If we needed to go to the store after dinner and the kitchen wasn't cleaned up yet, my mother would remark, "Don't worry. Katrina will take care of that."

Other times, my mother would call, "Katrina, we're on our way out. Please take care of the laundry for us."

To me, the name is synonymous with Scarlet's lovely 'fiddle dee dee' concept. It's okay. Stuff can be tended later. We don't have to bother with it now. And, further, we can hope that somebody will actually come along and do the chore for us.

These days, I have a completely different impression of the name, Katrina. This time she made the mess and she needs a lot of effort afterwards to make things right.

Mostly, tho, I wish Katrina didn't get fiddle dee dee'd by our government.

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