Thursday, October 27, 2005

Feel me up, baby!

Does your man constantly take inventory?

Mine does.

When we meet out at a restaurant or when I come over to his place, he always lays his hand mid-back to see if he can figure which bra I'm wearing. Sometimes he'll query, "Leopard?"

He also goes low, to the small of my back, to discern thong, bikini, or granny.

He tries to be smooth and inconspicuous about his curiosity, but he fails. I'm onto him.

It could just be a crude male thing.

Or it could be a wise divining rod to quickly test the waters, to gauge the mood up front for the evening via lingerie.

Or it could be like shaking a present. You know you're going to get it anyway, but it's fun to try to guess what's inside.


Ron Southern said...

Cricket, you're a sweetie! Enjoy me!

Orange said...

Personally, I think it's sweet that he's scoping out your undergarments in public.

Anonymous said...

My man totally does this too. Mostly it's ok, but sometimes I like it to be a surprise, you know? That is actually one of our biggest differences - I need there to be some mystery in life, and he needs to plan everything. (sigh)

Cricket said...

Ron, even when you're sick, you are a dirty old man.

Orange, thanks. I think it's sweet, too. That's why I bait him!

Libby, I bought some new ones pretty cheap on ebay. Now I have enough that he can't really guess, so there is surprise preceeded by anticipation.