Sunday, December 18, 2005

A reassessment

aka Mom steals the candy in an unbeknownst sort of way

Yeah, the box was slotted as a stocking stuffer... until tonight. 'Tis the eve for wrapping. Arduous task.


Orange said...

You bad girl!

I bought some stocking-stuffer candy, mostly not stuff I'm interested in (gummi bears...a Ring Pop...)—and hid it in my sock drawer. Which is not where I head when I feel like noshing on something.

Of course, I also have toffee popcorn and Trader Joe's chocolate truffles in the kitchen to distract me from the Ring Pop. Yep, bad girls everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have stolen a bag of Palmers Peanut Butter bells from Santa's stocking stash.

DD said...

That's why I like alcohol for the non-minor stocking stuffers.