Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All's quiet

And that's a good thing that I'm trying not to get bored over.

My son's teacher wasn't going to ask me to do the class party, but since I had to cancel my big project due to the funeral, she felt bold enough to ask, then she added she didn't have a craft for during the party.

I wracked my brain for something cheap and, of all things, decided to tape together two Fancy Feast cans to make either drum ornaments or New Year's Eve noisemakers, depending on the child's inclination. I got streamers from the dollar story to wrap around the outside. Okay, it's a four year old project, but the cans are free. Good thing I didn't take out my recycling recently.

I am slowly buying Xmas presents - getting the 2 for 1 Whitman's for neighbors and generally going cheap, yet ever so thoughtful. heh

I finally got a bunch at Marshall's for my son today. I love that store for all their educational gifts. J recently used a National Geographic King Tut sarcophagus kit for his Egypt project for school; I gave it to him two years ago and the assignment made him eagerly want to do it. I'll regret it, but today I got him a slime-making kit, astronomy stuff (and I'm sure he'll be looking for Pluto and these will pre-date Pluto's reclassification), a magic kit, an archeology excavation kit, etc.

He told me recently that I give the better gifts at Xmas when compared to his dad. I know he was just buttering me up and I feel so guilty for him making the comparison, but I am lapping that shit up. I won't hold the crown this year because ex got the shoes with wheels in the sole and a hover craft, but with good luck I can make my son keep that crap over there. I hate the wheel shoes; kids get so distracted and unruly, prone to injury. See, I know he won't hurt himself putting together an Erector set motorcycle here... Oops, they do have sheet metal. Moms will find hazards everywhere.


DD said...

I'm waiting until next Tuesday to start my shopping. No one will notice, will they?

Cricket said...

Back when I had money, I'd do so much shopping through the year that Xmas was no big deal. As it is, I don't allow shopping of any kind beyond groceries so that I am not tempted to spend.

Now for Xmas I go in debt each year, this year especially after going to the funeral and paying for the brain testing. It's like I can't get ahead, despite really trying to be frugal.

At least the sales should be good this weekend for you and you can buy on the cheap. The bad thing about buying late is having to wrap late. That is such a chore. I need to get it all done during school Thursday and Friday. I really don't like this Xmas on Monday thing. Backs things up too much.

Kellie said...

I've lost the entire month of December... I just can't believe that Christmas is in a few days. (Yet here I sit with 10 minutes to spare and I'm reading blogs...)

I used to go into debt for Christmas. I think I was trying to compensate for the fact I had taken away my kid's "real" father. Now that they are older - it's the bigger things they want. This year is going to be interesting - for the first time ever I'm not preparred. Plus with the price of the things they are asking for... they are not getting the quantity of norm.

Of course, I talk real big now but I'm still reserving the right to freak out this weekend and spend a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Trainwrecks exposed. Pickles (or should I say: dickless)is a woman.