Thursday, December 21, 2006


We've established that Luke really hates the assumptions that come from looking like a little Lat1n guy with a definitive Lat1n surname. Besides ordering at Taco Bell, he's never spoken Span1sh. However, he's been mistakenly brought documents at work as a project to translate from Span1sh and, on the flip side away from work, without speaking a word he's been brought a translator to work for him. He's pretty much stunned by it all, by the assumptions made from his surname and/or his appearance.

I have my own version of that and I am trying hard to keep it in check, better than him anyway. It is well-established that I am pretty WASPy looking.

Why is it the greeting of the season, "Are you ready for Christmas?" One could argue that people are just being friendly and probably subversively saying, "Naaa naaa, I'm ready and you're not."

Actually, what they're assuming is that because I look Christian then I must be Christian. I don't appreciate it, particularly because I do nothing Christian in society to make anyone think that would be my religion. I have an English last name, but so does an old friend who looks WASPy, is Jewish, and married Christian. The appearance does not match up with reality.

I don't like the assumptions.

A bit fed up with it yesterday and faced with the question at school by the school counselor who I think should know better, I gave her much more than she was seeking. I don't like her and I don't care if it showed, not to mention with her counselor status and all, I figure she can find her way out of it just fine.

SC: Are you ready for Christmas?
AC*: I wonder if there are any studies about the warpedness of children born to atheists as the kids try to get through the Christmas season.
SC: The what?
ACWLTMUW*: Warpedness.
SC: Oh

She quickly walked off, ensuring enough distance between us so that none of my atheism rubbed off on her, as I declared a small victory creeping out a person who I really don't care for who obviously needs to find a sense of humor under her blasted tree.

* Atheist Cricket
** Atheist Cricket Who Likes To Make Up Words


DD said...

See if you can find one of those cheap cupie dolls or some naked boy peeing statues and write "Sense of Humor" and wrap it up for a present.

Oops. Is my passive-agressivesim showing again?

Kellie said...

lol. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, I can't always tell if you give me the willies or just a nice erection. Hostile atheist white chicks do turn me on, though!

ron s.

Donna said...

I don't know if it's the war or what, but I can't turn around without running into yet another program about the Bible or Jesus' life or the saints or fill-in-the-blank with other religious programming. My TV has been taken over! As an agnostic I'm finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the religious angle of the holiday. And I can't go to hell because I don't believe in it, so na-na-na.

Anonymous said...

Very Funny.

Merry Christmas Atheist!

brite69 said...

LOL It's always a good time making people feel uncomfortable for being assholes.

Now I get to be an asshole and ask what racial slur WASP is. I've never known. Does that make me weird cuzz I'm thinking it might. o_O

Cricket said...

White Anglo Saxon Protestant, which I mostly am. The part that I could change, I did, I guess.