Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not exactly what I had in mind

My son came home yesterday and, over time, I got the list of things he'd gotten for Xmas from his father and visiting grandmother.

If I was surprised about the leather jackets my son and his 16yo step brother got, then I was absolutely shocked by their dual Lifetime Memberships to the NRA.

I like getting these reminders about why we are divorced.


DD said...

What is in the air lately that has turned adult men into total dipshits?

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ! Well, I guess it's not something that wasn't in the air to start with, so maybe you're not that surprised. Hellfire!

ron southern

Cricket said...

No, it is nothing new. He is a rifle sharp shooter and did very well in college as a four year letterman.

He hated when I became all liberal during his 26mo tour in Korea. Absence makes the mind wander.

The new part is the direct influence on the son, but I know ex secretly fears my influence just as much as I fear his. I'll have to think of something to counter this, like a good NARAL rally or something.