Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Water

Tara chose water as our word for the week.

I'll concentrate on a few water pictures from yesterday, which was beautiful. In fact, the forecast called for a great day, so I canceled a first date lunch date (the guy is a lawyer and I'd hope he'd impress me more in person that he has on the phone or by email - he's very dry and much like the last patent attorney I dated last Spring) so I could paint. Well, I actually canceled with plenty of notice, before noon on Wednesday, and then that evening several painter friends had the same idea for Friday and invited me along.

I stopped at this location, planning to paint water. Instead, I painted up the hill to the bell tower of a church and included no water. The scene looks prettier than this picture, because the camera focused on the drapy limb thing.

^The water reflects an incredible blue, which is outside the picture frame of the sky.

^I love how powerful the clouds appear in the water's reflection.

I need to figure out what body of water this is.


Tara said...

Those are some good shots, there, I like the cloud reflections too! I'm glad you decided to paint and that your friends had the same idea!

laura b. said...

Those are very peaceful, lovely water shots.
And good idea choosing painting over another lawyer :-)

Churlita said...

I love the reflective water shots. So cool. Painting over lawyers is always a good idea. How much paint did it take? Ha ha.

Donna said...

There is something magic about water. Maybe it is the reflective quality, maybe it's the fact that you don't really know what is beneath the surface. I can't live without being close to a body of water. Do we get to see the painting?

Cricket said...

Donna -- haha -- um, no. It sucked. I've been in a dry spell, between having bad paper, a nosy security guard, overworking things in the studio, and a serious lack of talent, I have nothing to show.

My confidence has been rattled for weeks, unfortunately, but I am not giving up.

Used to be, I figured on about one in five being ones I'd show. Now that I'm under pressure to produce, my last good one was Sept 15. Alas.

Anonymous said...

I like these pictures. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.