Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life can move quickly

Yup. We're looking at a house not far from here and I'm being specific b/c of the schools - I've been through too many boundary meetings the past few years to err on this one. This home is huge, over 5K sq ft. I never in my dreams thought I could live in a house like that. With the market coming down, it's about 35% less than what it appraised at a few years ago.

What a bargain!

This one doesn't have as good of light as I'd want in the basement (hence, it's great as a Media Room, etc), so I'd claim the Library as my studio.

The Master Bedroom takes up half the upstairs.

I'm not completely crazy about the brick color (too light), but it has everything else and more.

Pinch me!

The kitchen is so large that it has room for five tall chairs and a table for six.

I would move out of my place, but retain it as a rental. It would need new carpet and such; Bea is fine with footing the bill.

Life is good.

I have plans for a bunch of Ethan Allen. My dining room furniture is from there and I love the lines.

I have never in my life had more than one couch. For the last seven years, I've only had a tattered love seat. This house has seven rooms that would take couches.

Jeez, where will I get the time to decorate? I will need to paint big stuff to fill the walls. And I want to buy paintings of my artist friends to fill the house with people I know.

It doesn't have a deck and I have plans for a wrap around one with a hot top and a fire pit. Bea is cool with it. She likes my ideas for configuring the bedrooms with the boys. The only thing I do not have planned is a nursery. That still has to stew a bit in my head. Any additional offspring would go in the 2nd largest bedroom (abnormally large, so could not let it go to one of the boys and not the other) which I had slotted as a kiddie game room.

Is this my life?


Monica Cassani said...

I suppose you know the joke they make about lesbians??

I'm glad you're happy Cricket.

Cricket said...

Nope, didn't take a U-Haul to my second date. Nope. Close, but nope!

What's amazing is how compatible we are. I even had her take a Myers-Briggs test and her personality's description had mine and one other pegged as perfect matches for the long term. Pretty cool.

I just don't *do* happy real well, but I just might get the hang of it.

All of this income etc will jeopardize my Social Security and I don't see a need for ex to pay spousal support with me partnered with a multi-millionaire. She does not require a pre-nup and will actually put my name on this paid-in-full house, but *I* do require a pre-nup that will match my financial losses, plus cover my lost medical coverage, allow for dental, etc. She's discussed it with her accountant to give me a large chunk to hold in escrow on my behalf and with the interest going to me.

Is this my life?

Monica Cassani said...

I say close enough! but you know I'm kidding you... :-)

let yourself be happy...life is guaranteed to throw you some form of shit again at some point...regardless...so just enjoy while things are good...

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. I'm so glad you're happy, Cricket. Sometimes you just know, right? I knew with The Daver, so this makes sense to me.

So, so glad. You deserve some happiness.

Churlita said...

Good for you. I hope it all works out. it sounds like you're definitely looking out for yourself.

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for you Cricket!

Pamela said...