Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I venture back here

I didn't drop off the face of the planet!

...for any friends still reading...

I have been painting a good bit, but I haven't been blogging that, either.

I really hate blogs to exist mostly for times of stress and the good times are skipped and I desperately do not want this long-term investment I have here to become that.

My relationship with Bea is troubled, but she is resolute about making it work. I am on the fence. About the many things she promises, I feel like they're carrots on strings, as she has not come through on any of it. However, I can honestly say that she has had the worst upbringing that I have ever heard of and she desperately wants to put that behind her, but I think I am bringing her realizations of the baggage she has and now wants to work on. I'm a fer piece from high class, but she is from the ghetto. Although we have broken up twice, we are considering couples therapy, her suggestion. She is a sweet person with a big heart, but she needs to trust me and to come through on what she says.

My son is doing very well. He's in a nature camp with a friend this week. He finished his second year of violin, but he's less and less willing. Against his wishes, I signed him up for that camp this summer, too, although he will miss a lot of that due to his greatest new love, Boy Scouts and Summer Camp. It could be worse. He's still the quiet, demure guy, but he shows such tenacity, resolve, and composure as a new Scout that I get compliments on him all the time. Alas, if only he were so cooperative with me!

Bea did surprise us by buying him a pre-paid phone last week and he's really enjoying that. I loved it today, b/c my new phone died last night and I got a replacement today, but the phone number transfer didn't work from the SIM card and I was left in the cold today. It'd be so much easier if I could just remember phone numbers!

Painting is going well. Although me showing in public was new in January, I have loved being able to do it. I routinely have three pieces in the gallery, plus now have a coffee shop, library (I have a solo wall next month!), senior center, and government center for exhibits. Selling isn't the thing; creating and displaying are. It lights a fire on me to need to produce. Just next week, I will be hanging 10 pieces in two locations. So exciting. I am enamoured with pure landscapes and painting en plein air. It charges me.

I wish Bea would understand and respect it more, as there are lots of weekend conflicts with opportunities to paint and go to workshops.

Now if only I could come through on another block. So sorry, Val. I have not forgotten you.

If you read the art blog, or the lack thereof lately, don't consider it dead, either. I've been painting instead of photographing paintings or writing. I'll have an inspired day soon and post a number in one day.

Next month, I fly to a family reunion with my mother's mother's family. It's the first time to have such a gathering outside a misc wedding or funeral. My son will be at Scout Camp, but I guess I'll do. Of course, they specifically request the kids. There's a measure of geneaolgy which a 2nd cousin is putting together, so I am looking forward to that angle: compiling about the living!

Three cats are doing well, but Memphie has lost a lot of weight recently and I am having flashbacks to Sa.die two years ago. He's had a check up and bloodwork done, but it is inconclusive as far as I know - just a low amylase, tiny high WBC, and high specific gravity. Hopefully, I talk to the vet again tomorrow about the thyroid. I go to Banfield, a chain, b/c they offer a pay-by-the month program and all office visits/vaccines are included. So far, I've only paid extra for the thyroid test, but I pay so much with time, miscommunication, absolute lack of communication, and plain ol' poor service or caring that I am considering a switch. They didn't notice that they kept a cat who has recently lost two whole pounds in a cage w/o food or water for 10.5h. I just don't see the compassion, but I don't know if all the locations are so over taxed.

I still talk to Lyd often. She started a physician-guided shake diet and has lost about 25 pounds. I am so proud of her for doing it. Her mother has spent all her lottery winnings for the year already, so they're back to normal, but do have a nice sun porch to show for it. Lyd is still hung up on me, but tries with all her might not to go there. Although she'd say she's weak, I think she is one of the strongest people I know. I should tell her.

I tried to get on Bloglines today to catch up a bit, but it wouldn't let me it. Feel free to lead me to any especially telling blog entries you've read or written in the last few months.

Now I'm telling myself, "Don't be a stranger!"


Lala said...

it's good to hear your voice. Nothing worth reading chez moi. Did your son's daddy come home from away yet?

Orodemniades said...

Wow, things are really happening with your art - fabulous! Who knows, maybe you'll end up all 'painter of light' on us someday.


Glad to hear that J is doing so well, too.

Couples therapy, I say, give it a try, y'never know.

Monica Cassani said...

I've missed you...I wouldn't even know where to tell you to begin on my blog...but the journey is nearing it's end...(oh one thing you could do is go to my personal page and read the entries toward the bottom...because they're listed chronologically)

the journey...well it will start all over in some other way won't's not really over.

hope to see you more often.

Shinny said...

Ironic that I check in on you the day after you finally post again.
Sounds like you are staying busy and hopefully out of trouble. Miss hearing about your busy life.

Not much happening here other then it is finally hot, hot, hot. I can't complain since I swore when it was 20 below in January that I wouldn't when it got over 90 in the house this summer. ;)

Take care and keep that boy busy. I am working on getting mine to leave the house this weekend for a roadtrip to Ohio with me. I have one more day to convince him it will be fun. ;)

Ron Southern said...

All things Blog have been slipping lately and I regret that you've been one of them. I don't think I've ever figured out what or where your Art Blog is, but maybe I'll stumble across it yet. Until today I thought you might be three months dead, so I'm over that now.

p.s. I've killed my blogging blog to see if I'll get back to the real blog.

Pamela said...

Well, what a surprise. A post! Hang in there with the relationship... therapy can do a lot.

Cricket said...

I think about you all so often. It's great to hear from you. I will follow up on what you suggest to read.

Lala, J's dad got back a few days before Xmas. Things have transitioned relatively well. J's relationship with his step-mother isn't so good, though, as in him stating, "She talks to me differently when my dad's around," but I am trying to work on that and not fall back on ex's, "Well, they'll never be best friends." Not cool.

NoRegrets said...

In case youdidn't know, Pamela is me.

Churlita said...

It's good to hear from you. I'm glad things are moving right along. I hope your cat gets better soon.

Val said...

Wow! Glad I clicked on over here...
Don't worry about us ;-) - this week I need to go ride the kinks out of the ol' Quig-monster & decide if he gets to come w/me to NM this year!
[but when you get a chance you might want to read up on MY latest drama]

Cricket said...

Pamela = NoRegrets! Who knew? I wondered who that new faithful readere was.

Churlita, I miss your writing and observations so very much.

Val, so glad Quig is able to have an eval. I take that as a good sign. Will ck out your blog.