Monday, September 14, 2009

What do you follow?

I'll readily admit that I don't check my email here all the time anymore. It would be a waste of effort.

However, I have begun to wonder about all these messages of being followed this place or that online. Paranoia aside, I'm not so sure these folks know me or care about my blog. I've visited a couple of their pages and they follow 15,000 other close friends, too.

What do you think about these Twitter and Twitter-like notifications? Who do you follow and am I missing something, my head in an Odorless Mineral Spirits fog?

PS - Baby fever has hit Bea even harder and I'm trying to figure a way to reconcile our diverse feelings. She's been better about the one thing at a time idea lately, so she knows I'd prefer getting other things secure first. She's young; she has some time. I do love her so. I wish I could give her what she wants.


Kellie said...

I can't deal with twitter - it's too limiting, and really, it feels like we are turning into a voyeur society which is extremely creepy.

I DETEST myspace, but love facebook (and love it even more now that I found you on there!). That's as social as I'm getting ... Also, I've begun to tighten my belt on facebook as well. I'm only staying friends with people I really consider friends. I don't have time to comment on people status 25 years post high school when I wasn't even friends with them then.

Baby fever is a consuming thing - there really should be a 12-step program for that. I guess you situation was a bit like mine years ago - your partner wants a baby and the reality is it's not going to come from you. That sucks and I know how crappy it makes you feel. But on a happier note - your relationship will be stronger because of this obstacle. No really, it will. I wouldn't have believed it myself. My hysterectomy was the best thing to happen to my marriage - there is no more pressure, it's a done deal. Hang in there, maybe she'll change her mind and want to take on IVF herself.

Anonymous said...

There's also Plaxo and LinkedIn. These are just off the top of my head. I really don't care too much about keeping up with anyone that much. I have J and Bea to keep me entertained. And painting when I can. I used to be rabid about tennis, but there's just no time.

Bea is so fertile, she would not need IVF. She just doesn't want to be pregnant again. Understandable. She has plenty from the last donor she used, so she's set the moment she decides to take it on. The way she makes decisions on the fly, I just hope she'd do things our way instead of her way.

And I am trying hard to think in terms of another child, particularly when I was essentially a single parent even when I was married. I have so much more free time now to develop my interests and I believe having a child with Bea would be less limiting than having a child with ex. Yet, I'm not quite ready to commit to the idea.

Churlita said...

The social networking thing is hit and miss with me. Sometimes I can deal with it, and other times I just have to stay away from it.

laura b. said...

I like Facebook and Twitter, but only connect with people I actually know in some way. Not into random collections of people at all.
It sounds like you and Bea are both listening to and hearing each other's wants and needs, so I'm sure you will be able to work something out that will please both of you.

Val said...

I was roped-into FB a few months ago, and while it's been a nice way of checking in w/my riding buddies (very low-key: are you going to such & such ride?) - if you skimmed my blog you KNOW what a shitstorm erupted when I discovered my HUSBAND [who joined last summer] had not listed the simple fact of his marital status...
[I don't have time to follow anything else; I waste enough time reading blogs ;-)!]

Ron Southern said...

In some regards we are all going downhill, but nobody minds it, so it doesn't matter. Not even a hill of beans, as my ancestors would have said.

Melissa said...

Ler her have the baby, if that is what she wants so badly.