Sunday, May 15, 2005

All biological all the time

I've had this theme lately.

Today it continued on its own.

I decided to stay up late and see about an eBay auction closing at close to midnight. Diddling around, I was looking up other stuff, just wasting time until...... they hit.

Hiccups wrack my body and I fear that the neighbors can hear or possibly even feel their quake.

I thought about going to bed after the eBay bidding got a little too exuberant, but I don't know how I could sleep. If I have my mouth open by accident, I sound like a screaming little bird seeking a regurgitated worm from mom.

Maybe if I hold that image, they'll stop. I've had enough protein today, don't need the garden variety.

Now my stomache is rolling.


nita said...

my baby hiccupped all the time in utero!

try drinking from the opposite side of a glass. get all tilted over at the waist. works - i swear!

Ron Southern said...

I don't know why this works, but it works for me. I start by holding by breath a little, but not making a big production of it. Sitting down, I cross my hands and rest them on my stomach. I concentrate on relaxing my breathing, my entire chest. Whenever I start breathing again is okay, I just don't breath too deeply. And I keep relaxing. If I have to close my eyes, I do. No doubt some Yoga master could explain it in other terms. I already know it doesn't work for everyone, but it always works for me.

Cricket said...

They went away on their own, lasting about 30 minutes. Afterwards, my diaphragm ached from all the activity. My whold abdomen did.

They left on their own accord, unless me wishing them gone actually counts.