Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ever helpful clerk.... yeah, thanks....

Last night when I went to buy the teacher gift certificates at B.ath and B.ody W.orks - and to cash in my own from my exMIL from Xmas (which was MIA, of course) - (fuck, not able to get my own pseudo Mother's Day gift) - the clerk mentioned the cash I was using for some reason. I told her it came from a class of first graders.

Alas, she's a room mom, too, at a nearby school.

She asked if I have a big banner up for our teachers.

Shit. Fuck. Damn.

No, but I have a 30' K mural still in the works after a week. It has zapped me of any energy I could muster.

I'm a sucky room mom.

Priorities! Son! Class! Teachers!

So, as planned, I then went to the grocery store where they have a pretty floral area and let J pick out bouquets of flowers. Even got an extra one for him to give his reading teacher - I know she hasn't spent as much time with him as his PE, music or art teachers, but she has made the biggest difference. Hers is a beautiful collection of miniature yellow roses.

And I got some poster board. Made a simple poster - with pretty Sharpees and, believe it or not, nary a pastel to be found. It isn't quite the same as a banner, but it is the sentiment that counts, right?

I'm tired.

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