Monday, September 19, 2005

Remember this song?

My head hurts.
My feet stink.
And I don't love Jesus.

All true today; most true most days.

Allergy season is upon us. I don't understand how my head can be aching and clogged as my nose runs like a faucet without discretion. Doesn't it come from someplace that it empties?

I wake each morning with a sore throat that lasts half the day.

At least my asthma hasn't kicked in yet. When grass season is fully upon us, I will be sleeping in the standard upright position for a month. Just see how cranky I am then!

I do love the fall. Ahem.

Silver lining: at least I largely get over on the spring.


Liz said...

Same problems here. I wish it would rain. That would help out quite a bit.

Cricket said...

Yeah, nothing like wishing for the remnants of a hurricane.