Thursday, August 17, 2006


J's last swimming lesson was today. He kinda passed. His butterfly was sub-par and I wondered what the heck he was doing. It was kind of a breast stroke; he said got confused as he was starting out. I wish he were more verbal and could speak up about messing up and request another try. He passed everything else and his teacher said he could go up to the next level if he works on his butterfly.

Today, I was swimming, too. Enjoyed the hot tub, but earned it doing a good number of laps, too. J is so happy when I'm in the water with him, but it's not so cool when he smothers me with himself in 12' of water. Finally, I had to institute a 'no touch' rule. So we raced. And I always won, because I am a Bad Mom.

I'll admit to enjoying the sights while at the pool. J's teacher is delish in a more serious Greg Kinnear kind of way. Yummy especially when he's fresh out of the water. The swimming trunks are stuck in all the right places and I'm such a perv. A dirty old lady oogling. Or maybe I'm overdue for some affection.

I like watching how other classes are conducted and seeing the teachers. There's the one with about five tattoos who looks like a middle-aged Dead Head. J's youthful teacher has a bar through his eyebrow. Others wear very odd combinations of clothing.

The water aerobics instructors seem to rotate. Yesterday was a new guy and I actually took a couple videos from a distance, but I haven't downloaded them yet. This guy was an absolute hoot, a flamboyantly gay hoot with limp wrists and bouncy knees. Who else would choose show tunes for a water aerobics class? Some teachers do along side in the water, but he chose to grandly gesture and wildly shimmy on the deck. He would crack jokes and give silly instructions to little old ladies, i.e. "Now go all the way round and do this up side down." Or as the next instruction, he'd demo the 60's nose-holding-going-under-water dance move. I was captivated. I wanted to buy him lunch so he could perform for me.

I like this pool better than the one J had for lessons two months ago. I hope I can keep him up with it. I asked him today about more lessons and swim team and he said he'd rather take art classes again. Go figure.


Kellie said...

I wanted to buy him lunch so he could perform for me.

LOL. I SO love that.

Congrats to J on kinda passing! It is confusing.

Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous. Another episode in "As Our Worlds Turn." It's kind of freaky these parallel lives of ours, except I don't have an Uncle Fester. Last night I was at my daughter's last swimming lesson of her session, where she almost passed into the next level but not quite. Need to work on the side breathing with the crawl stroke. Anyway, it's at the city pool where the lessons are only $5 a pop, and the majority of the instructors look like they're in high school. Her teacher is delish and I always feel like such the perv b/c he's probably like 18. I told her that we need to stick with Wednesdays for the next session, mostly b/c I hope Jordan will be her teacher again. Lord.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Cricket, breaststroke is a pain to learn - its the kick and coordination. All I can say is practice :) Maybe a couple of private lessons if they're affordable :)

BTW, my night job is teaching people how to be swim instructors. :)