Thursday, August 31, 2006

Book, err, movie meme

First off. Note to self. Compose your mother a NetFlix picks list so she'll actually cash in the gift certificate you sent her.

Second, a fellow mom tagged me for a book meme. I did a similar book post recently that pretty much covered the same bases, so I will conduct my meme movie-style, hence, the NetFlix reference above. (Like I don't mention movies enough around here.)

1. A book movie that changed your life.
Without a doubt and as embarrassed as I am to admit it, a Dickens adaptation led by Bill Murray did me in: Scrooged, 1988. It opened my heart and warmed my cockles for the long term. You know, I wasn't always this fucking nice.

2. A book movie you've read more than once.
Tombstone, 1993. I remember as a little girl watching Disney and seeing that cuuuuute boy with the beautiful blue eyes who always looks so eager and intense. I didn't know his name. In my age-conscious youth, I decided he was too old for me, but I loved when one of his shows came on. He's grown up beautifully. However, my main draw (ha, get it?) for Tombstone is Val Kilmer, the Val of old, not the Val of today, but then the Cricket of old was a studette... nevermind. I'll be your Huckleberry is one of the greatest lines ever, simultaneously no ego and all the ego in the world. I live that line.

3. A book movie you'd want on a desert island.
Because it would be such good company: Monsieur Ibrahim, 2003 and because I have a new crush on Omar Sharif. He has such charm, such engaging eyes and smile, such warmth and presence. I'm glad I finally realized it. Add to him is the youngster: Pierre Boulanger who is so worldly and suave for his age. The richness of the relationships in this film captivated me. I always seem to like coming of age stories or change and personal growth dynamics. If I could have two, the second would be Waking Ned Devine.

4. A book movie that made you giddy.
I saw Young Frankenstein, 1974, with a girlfriend in HS. It was the evening that my misguided dream guy I didn't know too well dumped me before the Freshman Prom. Mel Brooks was my salvation and I didn't know I could laugh so hard. I also remember feeling very adult seeing it. Little did I know that the yummiest Senior in school would come to my rescue in the coming weeks and escort me to the prom. He'd recently broken up with a cheerleader and that crowd was agog that little ol' me went with handsome Senior. Pristine and knee-knocking nervous, I wouldn't even let him kiss my braced-toothed mouth goodnight.

5. A book movie that you wish had been written. [I read this as you wish you had written and I'll stick with that.]
I wish I were this clever: The Red Violin. The complexity, the history, the beauty. I can watch it over and over. I like movies with layers. Pulp Fiction qualifies, too.

6. A book movie that wracked you with sobs.
I'm not generally the movie-sobbing type, but I could understand the potential when recently saw Born Into Brothels, 2004. Talk about immersion into another culture. In our cushy world, we think, "poor in Calcutta, awwww," but this documentary showed it graphically, while it showed so many smiles of such bright, insightful, and hopeful children.

7. A book movie you wish had never been written.
I will make this general and say anything by Michael Moore. I say this not because he isn't a passionate film maker, but because I wish the things he filmed had not have happened and forced his hand.

8. A book movie you are currently reading.
Again with Omar Sharif. I still have a little bonus material to see with Hidalgo, 2004 still in the player. I had no idea I would enjoy this movie so much. I've been getting action adventures to share with J lately and now I eagerly await them, too. National Treasure, 2004, and Sahara, 2005, are two others we enjoyed.

9. A book movie you've been meaning to read.
My NetFlix queue has almost 300 films in it, all worthy and desired. I think if there's an oversight classic film in there, it'd be Taxi Driver. Oh, yeah. Not so classic, My Name is Earl, Season One, 2005, (discs 1-4, cheating to call it one) would catch me up on pop culture and edgy Jason Lee.

9a, The Infertile Addition. A book movie that you once really liked, but don't so much anymore.
I used to profoundly enjoy Raising Arizona, but now it makes me sad.

10. Tag 10.
If you've commented here in the last two or three weeks, you know who you are and you're it: movies or books or whatever, your choice.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I have read all 12 Janet Evanovich novels about Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter.
I love these stories.They are fun,
sexy and exciting. Oh, I know not the great novel, but I also need to read something that I enjoy and can make me laugh at times.
I recommend them to anyone.

Donna said...

I loved Waking Ned Devine! Also Billy Elliott, but I'm a sucker for dance movies. Great list.

Cricket said...

MP, I should check those out.

Donna, I'd written before about loving Billy Elliot. He's in that coming of age category I love.

Orange said...

Cricket, remember that crush thing I used to have? He bears a resemblance to the younger, pre-weight-gain Val Kilmer. Yum!

DD said...

I can't. No memes for me. It requires thinking and I refuse to do any while on vacation.

Anonymous said...

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