Friday, September 01, 2006

Canned, predictable, yawn

There is no trick. The I11usionist is just plain boring, the worst movie I've paid to see in quite some time, to include M0nster House. We actually turned to each other during the flick and said, "This is boring," and he contemplated whether or not we should leave. However, I'm too much of a die hard for that, plus I'd paid.

[Per our "usual" pattern, (being that we're not in a relationship and do not have any real routines and I resist all such implications although he might meet my son this weekend, because he had such a good idea for something we all should do together over the holiday), I paid for the movie and he the dinner. Yes, I get the long end of that stick, but I like the sense of contribution nonetheless, while still getting a steak out of it.]

Drugs are rampant. The reviewers (74%) at Rotten Tomatoes are high. The select reviewers (87%) are even higher. Perhaps they were actually mesmerized by Edw@rd N*rton's overacting and he extracted positive reviews like a bunny from a hat.

Skip it. You'll thank me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice!

Donna said...

How disappointing! I was contemplating seeing it this weekend.

Kellie said...

Crap. I had such high hopes!