Friday, September 22, 2006

Not wont for topics

just want for writing inclination. Unusual.

I was busy one day with J being ill and then not so ill, so requiring entertainment.

The next wee early morning, especially, then next two days as well, have preoccupied me with a sick cat. I know it was my fault, but I am getting over that as she seems to be eating again; thank big hoochie momma goodness she'd never really forgone drinking these past days. Usually I feed her two cans of food each night along with the pill for her kidneys. The pill also serves as an appetite stimulant, hence the two Fancy Feasts, which will oft not be enough and her deaf and obnoxious highness, yet weight-maintaining, self will be yowling by 5am. Gone or not, she likes it fresh and moist, much like many others in many other genres.

Quite misguided, Tuesday night I was so sleepy, I figured I'd get up when she cried to feed/pill her. I woke up instead around 4 or 5am to her complete digestive tract distress, merely a nice way to say "both ends." That's what happens when she gets over hungry, her insides convulse. (Also a reason I didn't want to stay at P's or Glen's for extended amounts of time.) This time, however, she didn't bounce back as quickly as usual. Jeez, she is 18, so I give her many breaks on that and know she could crash quickly. Finally today, she's almost up to normal eating, although J was worried yesterday and wanted to take her to the vet. Any time she spends much time under my bed, she doesn't feel well and he knows that signal. Not wanting to jostle her further, I have allowed her to waft about with the scent of poo on her tail. Ahh, life is good. My stinky cat is alive.

Speaking of which, Glen did email back on Tuesday, offering up some cute microwave bowls, of which I will have none.

In other, but sort of related news, I was hit on. It was kind of teenager-style, but oh so appreciated. Remember the movie ticket guy who thought I was so nice, he gave me senior citizen discounts and I was rather dubious about the honor? He did it twice for me, then did it once when I brought Glen there. I called myself his favorite senior citizen. This week, although it'd been three weeks since I'd been, he excitedly spied me right away. He returned back my unused credit card to me, so I got the something-for-nothing discount, which is even better than the senior citizen one. Not knowing his mind set and thinking of us as mere movie ticket buddies, I said something about having broken up with the guy from last time, so I was alone. Boy, talk about fresh and moist meat! He then sat with me in the otherwise empty movie theater and attempted to woo me. Of course, I am less than wooable right now, but it was invigorating.

He has good English, but has only been here for four years. He's probably 6'2" and a youthful slender, but not lanky. He looks like Zah.ara P-J, high forehead with large dark eyes, a charming guy, tall with a big smile.

At the ticket booth and in the seats, I kept telling him that I am too old. He said he's 30, implying that he looks young, which he does. I asked how old he thought I was and he replied 32, 33. (I should have mounted him right then.) I said that I really am old, I'm 4-#$%^&* and he said that's not too old, I am very attractive, have a great figure. He was working it. Several times, he asked me out for the weekend. As he left to go back to work, I told him I'd think about it. As I left the flick I looked over at him. He was with customers, then jerked his head up, realizing my movie was out, wide eyed, spying for me. When our eyes connected, I gave him a smile and a wave. Enough for now.


DD said...

No wooable, huh? Fun word. But I bet he admires your smooth, hairless lip you were bragging to me so much about. Personally I like the competition my 'stache has w/Mr. DD, thank you.

Klynn said...

I can relate to the ill child. I've been home with the Boog (who's been running a fever) for 3 days now. When the motrin's working, he's wound up and ready to go. When it wears off, he's lethargic and cranky.

Poor kitty, and poor Cricket. Sick pets are worse than sick kids, especially when they are so dearly loved, and short on time.

Girl, you've probably got a lot more game than you think you do. If you just bide your time, you'll likely be able to regally choose which willing subject you'll grace with your presence next.

*sigh* It's been a while since I've been hit on or flirted with by anyone but Bob. The wedding ring's probably a big neon sign, but a girl likes to feel pretty and admired, right? Since most guys like the supermodel look, I'm generally not even on the radar, anyway. Thank goodness Bob has a sincere appreciation of a large posterior.

Hope everyone's healthy around the Cricket household soon. And enjoy your newfound hot-mama single self.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear J is feeling better.
Poor kitty and poor Cricket.
Well, you got yourself a boy toy
Lots of women are age are dating younger guys.
The ones our age are dating 25 yr. olds. Makes it difficult for our age group to find a mate.
So,Glen offered you some microwave bowls? Why?
Maybe he misses you?
Hope you have a great weekend!
A movie perhaps?

Val said...

Geriatric fragile stinky kitties ain't no fun! but I'm glad yours is feeling better...
Mine has taken on the responsibility of keeping my scalp warm, it's kinda hard to sleep sometimes w/her kicking me in the head! but I don't have the heart to dislodge her.