Wednesday, September 27, 2006

In response to your overwhelming demand

I present one plain khaki jacket, size 1X, for your viewing pleasure. Come to think of it, I guess it is actually a blazer.

(For some reason, the recent update on Picassa rendered uploading blog pictures obsolete, hence the picture account. Anybody else having trouble with Picassa accessing the Internet or uploading on Blogger?)

The only subliminal attraction I can figure for the Jacket of Love, as it is not emblazoned with "HOT MOMMA" in rhinestones on the back, is the loopy machine embroidery on the breast pockets which mimic pert, upward-directed nipples quite unlike my own.

That's all I got.


DD said...

Pert, upward-directed nipples apparently is enough, even if it's subliminal.

Even though I'm sure the jacket is very flattering, I think you just have that aura that says, "I can sex you up." Last I checked, that's a damn good thing.

Cricket said...

You are right. It is not a conscious thing. As Richard, my best friend from college, still says, I "radiate sex." To think this is possible in a 1X (yet shrinking) body in this society is amazing.

I find this phenonemon happens 1) if I am comfortable or 2) if I think it doesn't matter.

Maybe this is akin to the "just relax" they preach in the dating world for Mr. Right (+/- Now) to come along. I'm in the "doesn't matter" mode because I am not looking.

Kellie said...

The jacket is cute and the pert nipple thing is, I'm sure, part of the "appeal".

I think though that it's YOU that is making the difference. Before I started loosing weight, I felt bad because I no longer go "checked out". Or so I thought (read: felt). Once I started loosing weight and I was happier within myself - it's like they've come out of the woodwork. I get checked out all the time. I got hit on in the grocery story the other day with my husband right there... I think once you feel good about yourself you start "radiating sex", like your friend Richard said...

Whatever the reason, if it works... I'd wear the jacket ALL the time. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm loving the jacket. But I also think it is you too. You feel good in the jacket, you are comfortable with being a sexual must show.