Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting un-poled

Per my intentions, I did end things with Glen several days ago. I basically said that he seemed to want a relationship and that was more than I could give. It was the truth and substantial enough, but not the whole truth.
I don't remember ever having officially broken things off by email before. In days gone by, I would say it was cowardly. Right now, I think it was a good choice. Me not talking to him for several days clued him in and, heck, we'd only been going out a little more than a month. He's a nice enough person, but I didn't owe him anything, especially considering how I've felt he'd been starting to try to control me. In other words, I didn't want to give him the chance to talk me out of anything or me buy the cute little microwave bowls, to reference recent Tertia.
I haven't heard back from him and don't expect to.
My son and I have had movie marathon days around here - mostly rented DVD and NetFlix - however, I was looking for something in the big movie that I could share with J. I decided on the Will Farr.ell Ri.cky Bo.bby movie, with the condition that he not cultivate any bad habits or look at any bad parts. He's seen many PG-13s, but usually they are archeological action adventures with relatively unbloody violence, things he handles just fine. I had no idea about how bad the sexual content might be in a PG13; turns out, not so bad. J covered his eyes for two big kisses: woman on man and man on man. He got all the PG13 bases covered, I think.
There was a lot of trash talk, but here's one great line that would probably be funny to all sexual orientations.
Cue NASCAR Announcer:
Girard is sitting on the pole position, which is a statement of fact and in no way a comment on his sexual orientation.
Okay, out of context, it loses a bit, but it does remind me I need to change teams.
[Kidding. No relationships around here any time soon.]

Do you Yahoo!?
Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail.


Kellie said...

I hear ya.

If I ever found myself single again, I'd seriously consider doing more than just cheering for the other team.

It just seems so.. well, easier.

Sorry about you and Glenn. Even though I only knew him in text... he left me wanting much more. You got out there and got your "feet" wet though so it's all good.

Ron Southern said...

I'm still around, but I ain't sittin' on no pole!!!!

*Goddess* said...

I was in a controlling friendship, coincidentally with a guy named Glenn. (Are all Glenn's control freaks?) I totally agree with you on the email breakup thing when it comes to these kind of guys. I tried the ignoring phone calls thing for months, but he never got the message until I spelled it all out in an email. Thank God he finally got the message. I get sick of control freaks who insist on telling you how you feel.
Here from the Rat's page;)