Monday, September 11, 2006

I had the best of intentions

Over a month ago, I pasted in my sidebar the blogroll from Bloglines. When the hot links didn't transfer, I resolved to put them in and keep them current. Instead, my half effort made the sidebar a cluttered mess and I must defer to linking to Bloglines in keeping me organized. I am in awe the people who actually keep an active blogroll in their sidebar.

So, I've cleaned things up.

I also had to change my profile to show J age increase and decided that the overall sidebar needed to better reflect my present, not my past. So some extraneous things were eliminated. I am switching focus. Cob webs are cleared this day of remembrance and moving on.


DD said...

I think I need to go back to the blogline's link. With everyone getting pregnant or having babies (except me), I don't have time to keep it current.

BTW: check out "priimarily pastel..." Don't you wish there was a spell check?!

Kellie said...

Ugggh. I'm so with you on the blogroll thing. I think I'll follow in your wonder example and switch over to just a bloglines link - it's a much better choice than my current of snubbing those that I read on a daily basis.

Cricket said...

Thaankss DDD. Myy keeyboaard stiicks aand succks.

In Bloglines, I like how I can change people's categories so easily. I usually wait to change people from IF to expecting; similarly I change adopting to Estimated Date of Arrival (EDA) as thei process proceeds past the paperwork.

So much easier than a Blogroll. DD, you was referencing you and your system, but I'm sure it's tough to keep up.