Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hear me roar

Ya know, there's the adage about stay-at-home moms and boredom. "Oh, I could never stay at home, I would get too bored," is what I would often hear. Parallel that with, "You are going back to work when J enters school, right?" Either way, I found it rather insulting that others questioned my use of time, as if to imply that I somehow enjoy boredom. The translation, instead, is that I am fairly good at keeping busy.
I won't say that I function in a world without boredom;I blog for goodness sake and read blogs and perch myself at the computer. I can keep myself busy even as I never watch TV or eat bonbons. Maybe stay-at-home-dom is best for the more introverted mom who doesn't derive energy from others and the ones doing the judging are the ones needing others to get them out and about. Whatever works. For me, I guess the computer screen is usually my water cooler.
But, because there's always a but, I found myself at loose ends these last few weeks after J started school. My art classes and my school reading volunteer job hadn't started up yet. So I contemplated what I should be doing to feel busy and I got inspired. What I wanted to do is a very large project at school that spans many months and it had the leadership position open, so I took it. Because I've been involved on the periphery of this project for three years, I have eased myself into doing the whole shebang. Although she didn't want the overall role again, the leader from last year will be helping me and will be a great source of knowledge, so I feel like the bases will be covered one way or another.
I am very excited!

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Donna said...

People are always saying things that question other people's choices, aren't they? I work from home most of the time and people tell me, I could never do that. Um, OK, then don't do it. I live a good hour's drive from the mainstream Bay Area and people also say, I could never do that commute. OK, then don't do it, but don't question my life, I love it, thank you. People suck sometimes.

Looking forward to hearing more about your school project.

Kellie said...

Good for you!!

I resent like hell when people insinuate that because I work from home - it means I must watch a lot of TV and have nuttin' to do. Screw them. I get more work done by noon than most people get done in an entire day... AND I can do it in sweats. lol

Can't wait to hear more...

Shinny said...

Thank Goodness! Now the bonbon supply will build back up. ;) Kidding! Very happy for you that you sound so excited about this project. It sounds fun. Do keep us posted, won't you?

Anonymous said...

that is awesome cricket! You have so many talents, eating bonbons is just one of many!

DD said...

Would it be with the theatre dept, per chance?

I remember those great back drops from last year.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great!
Maybe they'll let you take the bonbons to work? No reason to give up your life of sloth now, no?
F-ing people.

brite69 said...

I envy moms who can stay home. If I had a choice, I'd totally be at home doing... something. Probably cleaning cuzz that just NEVER seems to get done. I'm sure there's a ton more things I could get done, but they escape me right now. :-/

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just cuzz they have an opinion doesn't mean they need to share it.